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Mars in the 12th House

Mars is our drive, our passion, our assertion.Mars in the 12th takes that and forces it to look backward, if you will, to the next dimension. The next dimension can be touched by spirituality and creativity. However, in touching it, we recede, a little, from this dimension. It is a double edged sword. Mars does not like being spiritual or mystical. It wants to go forward, as the male energy, which is its icon. It wants to take what it wants. It wants to conquer what it sees. However, Mars in the 12th house must pause and consider what it is doing , it’s purpose on the earth. It is not a comfortable position for Mars. As such, this Mars finds itself, at an impasse. It questions its drives. It questions its anger. It questions its aggression. As such, it is left as a Mars which is not fully what we think of Mars. It is a Mars which has one foot in the world of the spirit. This person is a mystical person. If he does not achieve all that he could ,in this life, it is because he is a creature of the next realm. Pause a moment and reflect on the difficulty of this placement , before you pass judgement.

6 thoughts on “Mars in the 12th House

      1. amiannhriday khattry

        Just keep up the good work friend. Also i was better able to connect with the article because i am a twelfth house person myself. Sun, Venus, Mars and the South-node all in the 12th house (Virgo). 🙂

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