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Mars Square Venus: Confusion in sexuality

This aspect may predispose someone to be confused about his or her sexuality. Mars in the male energy. Venus is the female energy. The square aspect(90 degrees) can hold these planets in a sort of a lock. As such, the person may not feel connected to EITHER gender, as it is locked in a permanent tug of war.Such is is the nature of the square.

Let me explain the specifics. Mars is one’s drive. This includes all drives, including the sexual one. The Sign of the Mars will show the person’s aggression or lack of it. A Scorpio Mars will go after what he wants. A Cancer Mars will hide under the bed, afraid of rejection. An Aries Mars will go after what he wants, as well. At any rate, Mars is one’s drive.

Venus is what one finds beautiful.One may find dark, intense emotion to be beautiful.That would be a Scorpio Venus.One may find light flirting to be beautiful.That would be a Gemini Venus. At any rate, when Mars squares Venus, there may be a lock on the male and the female energies.Hence, the person can be in a no man’s land, as far as his sexuality. He may feel confused His male energy is squaring his female energy. We each have both. Jung termed it the anima and the animus. The general information on Mars square Venus can relate to both sexes.

The asteroid Sappho is classic for bi-sexuality. A bi-sexual person may have Sappho conjunct the Ascendant, Moon, Sun,Mars or Venus.

Another planet thought to play a role in bisexuality or homosexuality is Uranus. Uranus is an aspect of rebellion. A strong Uranus will do what he/she wants regardless of social custom. A strong Uranus would be conjunct the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars.


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