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Medical Intution: A Psychic Specialization

Caroline Myss is a Medical Intuitive. I have read most of her books. She studied at a specific training program for Medical Intuition. She was taught the basic sciences, so she could work with a doctor. She works with a doctor, in his practice. Her books were totally fascinating, to me. Before she learned the scientific terms, she would describe diseases as “black sludge in the pancreas”, for example. After she studied the basic sciences, she could use proper medical terms to describe what she saw, psychically.

Her books were fascinating, on another level, too. She would, often, see the psychological reasons for the disease. One man was a successful dentist, but he hated his job. He had a cancer which was killing him. Caroline told him that his cancer was his body telling him to embrace life with passion, not to give up. His body was sending out an S.O.S signal.

I was fascinated by her explanations of the Chakras, the energy centers, in the body. I will write more about the Chakra’s in another entry.

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