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Mental and Emotional Health—-Saturn’s Trines

Saturn in certain situations is a very hard thing to have. I will discuss this. However, Saturn in other aspects is a pure blessing that provides centering, such as a big, sturdy oak tree with roots that go deep into the ground.

To better understand Astrology, one must get to know the planets as friends i.e each has a certain nature. Each is unique. Each has it’s own imprint and own activity. One must become intimately acquainted with every planet before the chart will open it’s magic to you. If you are reading this, I know that is your goal.

Let’s talk about Saturn, for a bit, and then we will get into the subject of this article. Saturn is the planet of the stern father. He makes you mow the lawn before you get your allowance. He makes you eat your peas before your dessert. He makes you study, so you can make something of yourself. He tells you to have good values and morals, so you are respected. He tells you to save your pennies. You get the picture. In synastry, Saturn can be a glue because we all have to stick out hard times in relationships. With no Saturn in synastry, people jump ship at the first sign of distress.

For our discussion, we are talking about how Saturn gives mental and emotional stability. However, Saturn, also, can give great self doubt and lack of confidence. Let’s see how this happens. Saturn is not good, in conjunctions. Some planets are, such as Jupiter and Venus. Some are not, such as Saturn, Pluto, Mars and Uranus. Saturn in a conjunction is TOO severe. Saturn conjunct the Sun gives severe self doubt. Saturn conjunct the Moon gives insecurity about one’s value. One feels one can never be good enough. One feels one can never measure up. Saturn conjunct Venus makes one feel one has to be perfect before one can be loved. Saturn conjunct Mars makes one insecure about reaching one’s goals. Saturn conjunct Pluto is said to be a person who can be cruel. I don

15 thoughts on “Mental and Emotional Health—-Saturn’s Trines

  1. amiannMark B


    Interesting topic about Saturn and the conjunctions. One thing I find missing from your article, is the Saturn conjunct Pluto aspect. What is this like?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great comment, Mark. I forgot it. It is said to be a person who can be cruel. I don’t have much intimate experience with this aspect but I can say that what touches Saturn can make the person obsessive in his desire to unearth it. Saturn cools it and the person has an unrelenting passion to bring it to the fore.Pluto is primal passions and primal sexuality. In the person’s attempt to bring out Pluto from Saturn’s grasp, the person is reputed to be cruel. If the person is not, actually, cruel, I bet he fights those impulses.

  2. amiannJim

    Awwn you forgot Saturn trine mercury wich i have in a very close orb btw it is orb 1. I as well have Saturn trine jupiter but on a bigger orb: 6

      1. amiannJim

        Well ive always felt that my ideas have to be backed up by information, when i have a goal or something im looking forward i examine everything, you need to be cautius with your actions so i think about them, as well i have all my ideas well structured and organized backed up by more information, you could say my tougths all are of them kind of structurized.

  3. amiannGwyn

    When Saturn touches Venus in hard aspect, one feels unworthy of love.–

    My Venus squares Saturn by 5 and half deg. I don’t really feel I’m not worthy of love. It’s the other way around, Most people I meet are not worthy of my love. Or it is just I’m being too rigid, high standards?

    My Venus Opposite Neptune by 4.35 deg. I don’t see my partners in rose colored glasses, the thing is I see them in blurred colored glasses.

  4. amiannMaria

    🙂 What about Saturn conjunct Chiron??? Would it mean that the wound never heals? Or that possibly one has to heal the wounds prior to the 2nd Saturn return at age 58 (since statistically most people do not live long enough for the 3rd return)? I would really appreciate any input on this.Thank you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Saturn conj Chiron would be someone who is obsessive about healing imo. What touches Saturn, Saturn can make obsessive to express. I have Echo conj Saturn and I am obsessed with expressing my voice.

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