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Mirroring—The Cure for Echo

Mirroring is a psychological concept. The child must be mirrored by the mother for the child to, even, see that he is a separate self. What happens to the child who is not mirrored? He may exist in a sort of nether land. He may exist in some space between people and non-people. If you have, ever, been in this space, you will recognize what I am saying. Astrologically, the asteroid Echo is the story of the unmirrored person. In the picture used to depict the myth, one sees Narcissus looking in the pool of water, admiring his own image. Echo sits off, to the side, admiring Narcissus. In the myth, Echo languishes. If one added a logical conclusion to the myth, one may see Echo dying of the grief of lack of pure, self expression . Self expression is to the psyche, what food is to the body. One may live as an autonoman. However, one will live as the walking dead. Many people do, as you can tell if you look in their eyes.

For the person fortunate enough to be mirrored, he can see himself, as he is. He has access to his emotions and his thoughts, as effortlessly as a bird winging in the sky. Many people are not so fortunate. Their lives consist of the singular search to unleash Echo and to make Echo see himself. If Saturn conjuncts Echo, you have a unique pickle, as Saturn pushes Rocky down for the count, just as Rocky tries to stand. Blessed Saturn, it demands one’s guts.When it conjuncts Echo, it seems to demands ones voice.

What is the answer for the unmirrored Echo? It would not be fair to define the problem, yet have no answer. Alice Miller provides part of the answer with her concept of the Enlightened Witness. The unmirrored person needs to see himself. That is his core problem. However, the answer is not so simple. One must find an EW. Then, one must endeavor to show one’s true face.Both are very hard. The harder of the two is to find an EW, though. Alice Miller discusses the dilemma of the unmirrored child in the book “The Drama of the Gifted Child” Alice Miller is a pioneer in the field of child abuse. If one studies all of Miller’s books, one will see a central theme. The cure for childhood abuse is self expression, genuine self expression.

2 thoughts on “Mirroring—The Cure for Echo

  1. amiannRaymond

    I never thought I’d hear about Alice Miller in the context of the “psychic” or astrology ! But your text is very correct and welcome. Well done, and thank you. I hope it will prompt your clients and followers to check her books and her very helpful website at alice-miller dot com

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Raymond. I adore Alice Miller. She is a break away genius in the field of childhood abuse. I owe her a great deal and have the utmost respect for her.Thanks for writing, Raymond!

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