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Moon/Pluto For Lovers

Moon and Pluto in synastry( the chart comparing the two birth charts) is it’s own story, it’s own song. You would not understand it unless you tasted. It is very intense. The passive, receptive moon, our innermost self, touches Pluto, the planet of tidal wave passions. I liken Moon/Pluto in synastry to a breastfeeding baby, as the moon rules the mother and the breasts.Pluto rules passion, unbridled. Moon/Pluto evokes the most tender AND the most passionate of responses . If I see an obsessive relationship, I will, usually, find Pluto and the Moon touching, as lovers.

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5 thoughts on “Moon/Pluto For Lovers

  1. amianndawn

    Dear Amiann,

    I’ve read your posts about moon//pluto and I thank you for them.
    Could you please tell me whether double whammies are felt by both people or only by one of them?

    I have a moon–pluto double whammy with a man I`m not involved in (his pluto sextile mine moon, 2 deg 27 min; my pluto trine his moon, -0 deg 59 min), but it still feels like you described it above. besides that we have other two (I think) important dw-s: neptun–moon (his neptun conjunct my moon, 1 deg 41 min, and my neptune opposite his moon at -1 deg 03 min) and saturn–venus (his saturn < my moon, -0 deg 56 min, and my saturn conjunct his venus at 3 deg 24 min). also his uranus is on my ASC

    so my question would be: is this feeling mutual? do you think there`s a possibilty to have an actual relationship with this person?


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The hard ones here would be Saturn/Venus cuz this can make for people not feeling accepted, as is, but thinking they have to perform in order to be loved( or to be perfect)but Saturn can be a glue to keep people together, too, Dawn,

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