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Moon in the 12th House

A planet in the 12th house makes for the single hardest placement in the natal chart of a given person. If you see a planet here, know that this person will have a degree of suffering and degree of depth. If the surface seems contradictory, it is just the surface and it is beguiling. This is a serious person with serious struggles. The moon may be one of the hardest planets to have in the 12th because the moon is one of our most personal planets, as it represents our deepest heart. We do not show our moon to many people. We show it to very close friends, children, pets and lovers. Some people are more open than others, but the moon, for everyone, is a deep, interior planet. The 12th house turns planets inward. Picture a child in time- out. Before he can continue playing with the other children, he must turn around. He must pull his face and body away from the wall and resume his role as a student among the other students. The person with moon in the 12th may feel as if his face is,permanently, turned toward the wall. Even the strongest person is afraid of intimacy, due to the natural fear of vulnerability and the potential for rejection,one of the most painful of human experiences. The moon in the 12th placement exacerbates this many,many fold. This person wants to belong and wants to get close to others, as much as anyone. However, they may shrink back because the pain of the journey may make it feel as if it is not worth the struggle, and it is a struggle . The moon represents woman, in general, and the mother, in specific. This person may have had a hard time with his own mother. This placement may make him ,unconsciously, repeat the pattern with his wife. He may marry a woman who treats him poorly. If you see a person with the moon in the 12th house, extend your hand a little bit further. He will thank you for it.

46 thoughts on “Moon in the 12th House

  1. amiannelle

    Wow I have moon in 12th and my mom does as well. I may be wrong but I think there may be a connection with planets in the 12th house and Asperger’s/Autism. It is sort of an ethereal placement. I have seen some material online about it and would tend to agree.

    1. amiannTina

      I have my sun in the 12th house. I used to have OCD and recently I read the symptoms of the Aspergers and I found some truth in it but I made a test and it was negative. Also, I was told about a boy who had OCD and then has been diagnosed with Aspergers. I guess there is a link between the 12th house and disorders. You are right.

  2. amiannFlo

    I’m still medium when it comes to my knowledge in astrology..according to my natal chart I have moon in 1st house in leo but cancer in 12th house so am confused..doesn’t the moon rule cancer? What does this mean I can send u a natal chart copy if needs be

  3. amiannJohn

    Im having a hard time and I dont know what to do. Can you please give me advise on a libra moon in the 12th house with a scorpio ascendant and sun in aries. I feel like im imploding with emotions and i am just lost.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Oh dear John
      I have a Forum for you and for everyone who needs a place to put up his chart, talk and get support from other like minded people. Please, register and come on. I talk about all my issues. We have a Depression Support Group. You will, always be safe because I don’t allow anyone to be mean or I will kick them off lol
      Just to address your question, Libra Moon is hard, as it is. Your emotions are kind of blocked by your thinking. The 12th House Moon is super, super afraid of rejection and afraid to be vulnerable. The Scorpio ASC holds back out of suspicion lol. So, I can SEE the implosion. I am so glad you reached out to me. Come on the Forum and we can talk more, there <3

      1. amiannJohnGreen

        Thanks! I feel like my overall astrological makeup is incompatible. Just one question when I was born there was a lunar eclipse does that influence my chart at all?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes, I don’t know much about eclipses but have read a small bit about them. They can be a weakening, but I am not sure how it would manifest. I saw you joined my Forum.Why don’t you do a thread on Lunar Eclipses and we can study it, together!

  4. amiannKolby

    I am just embarking on my journey to understand my natal chart. I hope I use the right terminology here…Scorpio is my sun sign. I have a sagitarius moon in my 12th house. My mother has a cancer moon in her 12th house. We get along fine. We don’t talk alot but we always feel close when we do. I have very fond memories of her growing up. Of course, we fought some during my teenage years but I she was never abusive or neglectful. I have way more issues with my father. Anyway, i am just trying to find some information about when you and your parent share the same moon sign placement as I do and how that affects the interpretation.


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Kolby
      Consider joining my Forum, where you can ask these questions in a more interactive way. For now, I would say that your Sun was more stressed than your Moon, as the Sun is our father and the Moon our mother. I would like to see your whole chart, so i could answer your question, with more detail. Just having Moons in the same house does not mean much, on it’s own.

  5. amiannDean

    I have a 10 year old with moon in 12th pieces, sun in Sag & pluto in 9th. merc@MC, Jup in Leo 5th, Aries asc. She is incredibly emotional & she can cry like crazy because of a small insecurity, or a small rejection from me. If she feels that I’m upset with her she shrinks, pulls her shoulders forward and puts her head down as she walks away. She can cry rivers by thinking of crying. She is attached to me. When in class she has breakdowns when the teacher gives her a bad grade for forgetting homework or because she did not get a part in acting or singing that she wanted. They ask her to go to another room to cry. Kids make fun of her.

    Yet, she is the sweetest, friendliest, glibbest, most pleasant, happy (most of the time) little one I know. She just wants to play play play & draws cartoons like a pro. She loves to sign & she has the lead in any artistic endeavor. I know her natal stamp so I understand and support her, but other people have no idea.

    She doesn’t just walk, she gallops from happiness like a deer or something when she feels loved, accepted. I try to keep her feeling accepted, I tell her that she is my gift from God.

  6. amiannKudalu

    I’m gonna marry a man with moon and ketu in Pisces 12th house,
    “This placement may make him ,unconsciously, repeat the pattern with his wife. He may marry a woman who treats him poorly.”
    This statement makes me feel I’m a rude person. Will i treat him poorly ? I’m a moon in tuarus in 4th house and ketu in Capricorn 12th house.

      1. amiannKudalu

        Ketu is south node. Ok, then i will not marry him. It is good to him however. I don’t want to hurt him. Let some one to do it.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          PLEASE do not base your marriage on a word from an Astrologer on a comment section. You asked for an opinion and I gave an OPINION. Other Astrologers may say something different and I am sure they would. I see the chart, as I do and give my OPINION, when asked. Seek some other opinions please before you make such a huge life decision. Blessings to you, Friend!

          1. amiannKudalu

            I just joked. He is a mystery like an alien. he is not worth to leave. As i know people who have moon in 4th house are the kindest people. Saying true your statement however scared me a lot. I hope i will not repeat the pattern.

  7. amiannsandeep

    I too have moon in 12 th house with sun . I got an good wife but not attached with her physically .
    all this resulted in 6 years long affair . According to comments in blog she tyreated me poorly all these 6 years . Thank God its Broken now . But her poor treatment still going on in the form that i am unable to forget her . What a tragedy . Ha hahah .

  8. amiannMoony loony

    Kafka had moon with sun in the twelfth house. We all know he always felt that his parents never understood him. He was given to isolation and wrote a lot. Moon in gemini in the twelfth pushed him into seclusion. He could never marry and had a broken engagement. His last love was a pisces who understood him too well. Women with moon in twelfth house either go to jail (seclusion) or become very spiritual (seclusion). They could also be expat loners in a different country. Mandela also had a twelfth house moon,so did emily dickenson. I find moon in twelfth house people can have a poker face that hides their enormous sensitivity.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      So sweet.What would you like? The reason my articles are more cutesy is because no one seems to really read the deep ones,or very few people,M lol

  9. amiannDarlene Marie

    HELP! The Moon is in my Natal Chart 12th House. My ‘mother’, now deceased, was according to many whom she destroyed with her incest and lies, was Purely Evil and especially to me–the family scapegoat who would tell my father about the incest and adultery she did behind his back. For the past 10 years, my 30-year-old daughter has been estranged from me and my husband, and we have no family or friends. ESCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL having Moon in 12th House. HEEELP!!!

      1. amiannDarlene Marie

        I truly believe that my ‘mother’ (now deceased) was sadistically sociopathic looking back on all my memories of what she did to anyone still “drowning” in her destructive “wake”. I’m still trying to overcome–through bible reading, meditation, and psychotherapy–all the trauma she’s caused me, my daughter (whom my “mother” also sexually abused), my brothers (whom she sexually abused), and my father (who enabled our ‘mother’). May God help us all.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am SO sorry. I truly am, Darlene. I wrote 2 short stories and I bet you can relate. One is My Panther Noire and the other is the Fog Immovable. You can look in my search engine. I would love your opinion as I think you would understand xoxoox

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      If you can swing it, you should consider a chart reading. I am not trying to get busy. I am super busy, too much,often,but a chart would help to explain what is happening and show you that these problems were not caused by you but were the canvas you were given. This can really help healing of the self and of relationships,Darlene. xxxx

      1. amiannDarlene Marie

        Thank you for the suggestion to have a chart reading. I’ve had this done already and know the exact planetary placements and remember their significance, as I was told. Hell, if you want to read just how evil a family can be, I’ll give you my birth date and time. You’ll find it ‘reads’ like “The Godfather”–my family is that Evil! What I would like to know (and no one yet has been able to tell me) is whether or not my daughter’s estrangement will be permanent–she hangs out with my birth family that has scapegoated me. (Actually, I already believe her estrangement is permanent! So, in my frustration, I’ll say this much: I’ve got to keep living with the hand I’ve been dealt or die trying.) Even so, thank you for your reply.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am not trying to push the charts. I am, usually, too busy lol

          I don’t predict things, per se. I like to leave the future to God. I don’t like to play around with things that are his domain. I like to do the natal and synastry, which show the blueprint of the relationship. I can venture an educated guess as to whether the relationship will come back but it would be just that, my Friend.

  10. amiannDarlene Marie

    Also, I know on a conscious level that none of my family’s abuse of me was or is my fault–I just don’t believe it on an emotional level because, from time to time, it still shocks me and my husband just how wicked they can be to me AND each other. Thanks, again.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, Darlene.Evil is really awful and most people find it hard to believe. To those of us who endured it, we find it hard to believe, too lol. I am sure you can relate and thank you for taking the time to read ad comment! I really appreciate it, D!

  11. amiannNaik

    I have my moon in 12th house without any other planets, I am a Leo ascendant. However, my Mars is in Aries conjunct with Venus. Now under Venus-Moon period till Nov 2018. My relationship with my mother is going extremely bad by each passing moment, due to my elder sister’s involvement in my own family matters and my mother supports her bad behaviour towards my family. please suggest.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      That is a complicated question, N. I would need more time than I could answer on here. I don’t really do transits, either. I find that people kind of get freaked out with them and they kind of come and go. I do natal and synastry, for the most part.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      I can say that Moon in the 12th may make for a hard relationship with the mother and women, in general. Also, you may have a hard time expressing your deepest emotions, but you may appear super confident on the surface, N.

  12. amiannK


    I dream about things before they happen sometimes but in a rather vague way… I also have feelings when people pass or I am near a grave that I’m not consciously aware of…. I know it sounds nuts but I know others do as well so I’m going to leave this question here.

    Recently I met a man that I had been dreaming about for a long long time. We met in a place that I had not wanted to go as it felt like the wrong time but had impulsively booked a ticket to following one final dream of this person that I couldn’t shake.

    In the final dream that finally pushed me to action, I was swimming of a wharf on a tropical island with lots of fish (insidently I later slept with this eerily similar person on an eerily similar wharf) and when I hoped out of the water there was a snake staring at me. I felt like I was being hypnotised by the snake and walked towards it into the little hut at the end of the wharf. The snake turned into the man (who I had dreamt about before but this is actually an astrological question…) and he was the most attractive man I had ever seen but more his energy was irresisstable. My mum and ex-husband (an abusive relationship I got into out of fear of intimacy following childhood experience with domestic violence – thought if I fixed him I would be worthy of love) were both there and the man said to them not to be mad at me because we couldn’t help wanting each other as our souls were connected by the moon in our twelth house. I had no idea what that means but given that I feel I met this guy and reading your story perhaps it was that we needed to help each other with something hidden? He definetly taught me a lot about myself and what I want in a very short amount of time… I don’t think I have ever felt such a strong connection with someone before – it was incredible but I am on a spiritual pilgrimage to work out how to be happy and whole in my life outside of a relationship (currently travelling the world) and he just finished basically doing the same thing but is also a few years younger than me and going back home to sort out what he is doing so there is no way we could be together other than for those few nights unless we met again later in life or in another life because I think it would hinder both our progress as individuals…. is that perhaps the twelth connection? Just looking for some insite… its hard when you dream like this and can’t speak to anyone who has the same gift/curse without looking insane.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, you would tend to be very intuitive with this placement. I would need to really think about your question and talk to you to really answer well, but if you feel misunderstood, in general, this happens with the 12th House Moon.

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