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Moon in the 12th House

The moon is our most personal planet, our deepest heart. It’s placement in the 12th house is the most difficult house placement. The moon is a shy planet . It is a passive planet.It will wait for others to come to it, rather than come to others. The 12th house exacerbates this trait. It makes the shy, fragile moon, even more so. The moon is our deepest heart. It is hard for anyone to show others their sensitive underbelly, but for the moon in the 12th, it is exacerbated,many fold. This Moon wants to be accepted and loved, as we all do. It wants to show you who it is. However,it holds back, for fear of rejection. This moon may marry an abusive person.Perhaps, this is because it does not feel it deserves the simple decencies and respect that other people take for granted. If you see a person with the moon in the 12th, be a little more tender and kind. They are carrying a burden that few could comprehend.

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