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Sun Square Pluto

Both the Sun and Pluto are heavy hitters. They are both yang planets, which means masculine and outer directed, using the Chinese Theory, which divides the world into yin and yang.

In the case of Sun square Pluto, we don’t have two poodles playing tug of war with a dog chew toy, we have two Dobermans./

The Sun is one’s essential identity.

Pluto is the primal, inner tiger within all of us.

These two planets would in an amazing manner when in trine.

The native is very perceptive. The native has a natural emotional strength and a strong physical body, too.

However, in hard aspect, this is HARD.

The father may have been scary. He may have been violent.

The native may have had to stuff down his pain, as a result.

Pluto is too strong to stay down, so he may come out sideways.

The native may be too controlling.

He may be too intense.

He would be the one to suffer the most, although he may be hard for others to handle, due to his intensity, which seems as if it is pushed down as a spring. One may get the sense that the spring could release at any time.

This would not be pretty, so to speak.

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