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More on Asteroid Narcissus

I suppose I should put all these small articles together in one. I do them this way because as I do charts, I learn more about the asteroids. With Astrology, doing is learning. There is no substitute for jumping in and doing charts. I did this early on, as a form of service to Randall and my wonderful Astrology Board, Lindaland. When I could not do much, I jumped in with what I knew. Then I forced myself to stretch, as Astrology is an infinite science. In that way, it is like the Bible. One can never plumb the depths of it. It is as if it is alive. At any rate, I wanted to write about Narcissus, as I have had more insights.

Narcissus did not allow for Echo to have any identity. To love Narcissus, Echo had to lose her identity. Hence, her name. However, even doing this did not make Narcissus love her, as Narcissus cannot love. That is the root of the myth. Echo could have sacrificed herself , unto death. It would have been as futile as Narcissus’ ability to love himself, of which he was unable. Both are ill fated characters. Each yearns for something impossible. Echo cannot have Narcissus love because Narcissus is in love with himself. Narcissus cannot, even, have his own love, as it is based on an image, not the real thing. Narcissus and Echo will, always, be linked together, in myth, but not by love which is what they wanted.

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