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More on the Apollo Asteroid

My sense of the Apollo Asteroid is that the bearer was made to be beautiful. By beautiful, I mean inner beauty, first and foremost,as outer beauty becomes ugly , when that is all there is.True beauty is an inner essence, radiating light . When you find Apollo conjunct the Sun,Moon or Venus, the person is a thing of beauty such as a fine piece of artwork. Stevie Wonder, who has Apollo conjunct the NN radiates Apollo as does the man in the picture who has Apollo conjunct the Sun.He is an almost unaspected Venus, too. That is part of the beauty you can see, even in a picture.

Here is a song which embodies Apollo. Listen to the love, warmth, and most importantly,the sunshine.







4 thoughts on “More on the Apollo Asteroid

  1. amiannA

    I have Apollo in my first house conjunct Mercury and Pluto in Scorpio. My Apollo also is in my love’s first house.

    My love’s Apollo is conjunct Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter and I found her mind, way of loving, and generosity to be so beautiful.

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