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More On The Echo Asteroid

292522_423830477651291_921859721_nI have Asteroid picks. This is when I can feel someone’s asteroid out of the blue. I have close to 100% accuracy( not to brag 😀 ) Echo seems to be hitting me, recently. I think it is because I am working on my own Echo asteroid. Mine conjuncts Saturn.

When an asteroid conjuncts Saturn, one becomes obsessed with it’s expression. Echo is one’s authentic voice. If I could have one dream, it would be to feel I am expressing my authentic self.

I guess I am writing this article because some people seem to think that talking incessantly means that one is expressing one’s true self. This seems ridiculously silly, not to be redundant. One can talk incessantly and saying nothing. This is, often, the case.

People who talk incessantly seem to have Saturn in the 3rd house. This is based on a small sample, so I can’t generalize. One friend had this. I had tell her to STOP. She did. She did not have hubris about it. She accepted this as one of her problem areas.

That brings me to another issue. People who have Echo and hubris. That is probably why I wrote this article. All my articles are based on my experience. Probably the worst Echo placement would be in a chart of a person with hubris.Then, you have an inauthentic person who talks on and on with nothing to say.

In this case, you have Echo( no voice) with non-stop talking( Saturn in the 3rd). If one adds hubris to this, there will be a person who is arrogant and has nothing to say but politically correct inanities. I suppose the upshot of this article is to put each asteroid into the larger context of the chart.

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5 thoughts on “More On The Echo Asteroid

  1. amiannbiblea

    Saturn in 3rds are quiet as doormice.

    Inauthenticity is based on speaking falsehood for the fun of it.

    Not everyone takes to that, not even Gemini people.

    Alot of Geminis I know utilise their thirst for knowledge with their minds, but what they speak is authenticity.

    Saturn in the 3rd fears self expression, therefore, they do not speak.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This is interesting, B. One girlfriend had Saturn in the 3rd and she never stopped talking but it was out of nervousness. Does this make sense to you, like an aberration in communication.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes, this person talked incessantly and gibberish. The Gaslighter? Well, I think the conscience would have to be compromised because it is hurting someone and not caring. That would be an afflicted Jupiter.

          I think being able to hurt someone( which Gaslighting is) and not caring would have to be a Moon that felt little empathy. That would be a cold Moon like Libra.

          I think one needs to consider what Gaslighting is and then go from there. It is trying to take away the reality from someone else.

          It is very hurtful and demeaning to the Gaslighted person. Hence, we have to try to make 3D the kind of person who would do it.

          Those are my thoughts at the present. What do you think, B?

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