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More on the Echo Asteroid

All the wonderful people who allow me to do their charts help me to understand the asteroids. There is precious little written on them. This is both exciting and frustrating. One must be an intrepid explorer, yet have humility in the process, as one may be wrong, and need to refine and change one’s theories. With that in mind, I would like to write more about Echo. Echo strongly placed in the chart may render the person voiceless. Voiceless is a horrible place to be. It will over ride beauty, wealth and prestige. It will force one in to the depths, as one must use one’s voice to be fully human and fully alive. Echo may not be one of the darkest asteroids, such as Nessus, but it takes a toll on personhood. Who is one, if one is nobody? Echo renders one nobody.

2 thoughts on “More on the Echo Asteroid

  1. amiannStawr

    Doesn’t aspect anything major in my chart. (Not surprised I’m kind of loud) But whether I am being outgoing or shy, people seem to notice that. But mine is in Pisces house 11. But my heart goes out to anyone with this aspect, that has got to be frustrating.

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