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My Career in Natural Medicine

Part of my career background is in Holistic Health. I worked at one of the top holistic health practices. The doctor was very generous with his teaching and I learned a great deal about natural medicine. The doctor was an acupuncture physician, as well as a homeopath and a nutritionist. My grandmother was a doctor , who was naturally oriented . I had an introduction to natural medicine from her. I have studied acupuncture, homeopathy and nutrition. I have, particularly, studied raw foods and juices and the power to heal, inherent in these simple foods. I have a passion for natural healing. I do not believe in traditional, allopathic medicine except in extreme cases

When I do medical intuitive readings, I, always, recommend that you consult your own doctor, no matter what I say in the reading . I hope that you would consult a natural doctor. That is my personal preference and what I would do, for myself. Medical intuition was my first psychic ability to emerge. I have never been wrong, to date, when I have received a flash of knowing about a medical condition. My medical intuition functions like this. A person will tell me of a condition and I can tell them if it is serious or not serious. Some medical intuitives can see in to the body such as an X ray or a medical test. I never studied it, extensively enough to see if I could do this. I did not feel as if I was supposed to specialize in medical Intuition.

I wanted to see if my psychic ability would expand to other areas. So, I did free readings for several years to whomever requested one. It took several years of hundreds of readings before I was confident enough to call myself a psychic. I take this work very seriously. Most of my professional readings are not medical intuitive ones. I do not consider myself a professional medical intuitive. If you want to study Medical Intution more, read some books by Caroline Myss.

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