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My Point of View of Moons–Unmasked

goth girlI am getting beaten up by an angry mob in cyberspace. I have a group of Moons around me. What will they do?

Aries Moon–Jump in and help

Taurus Moon–Jump in with both feet and beat them off with little thought for self

Gemini Moon–Try to calm both sides down but not take sides.

Cancer Moon–Jump in with little thought for the self.

Leo moon–Jump in and Help, Put oneself on the line

Virgo Moon–Hang back and look. Does not want to get wet

Libra Moon–Think about it and do nothing

Scorpio Moon–If they like you, help you. If not, walk away.

Sagittarius Moon–I really don’t know. I would say jump in and help from one Saggi moon I know but that is a small sample, so I will ask you

Capricorn Moon–Jump in with little thought for the self.

Aquarius Moon– Sit back and reflect on the inner workings of the situation

Pisces Moon–Want to jump in badly but is afraid, so wait for someone stronger to do it.


13 thoughts on “My Point of View of Moons–Unmasked

  1. amiannferryleaf

    This may not be an attractive answer to some, but it will be honest. And I’m not necessarily suggesting that it is representative of Virgo moons in general. (Disclaimer-itis is a habit of mine…lol. Which I ironically DO think is perhaps a trait of Virgo moon-dom. 😉 Perhaps because we like to be right? So it’s a preemptive strike against being proven wrong, in whatever we say.)

    I would look at the situation…if there was an argument that broke out that started it between this one person (the one being ‘beaten up’) and the ‘mob’ – and try to get a healthy idea of what was going on. Once I felt like I had a grasp of the situation, I would probably find myself in agreement or disagreement with various actions, opinions, or words, possibly from both sides.

    I may end up feeling that this looked to simply be an argument based on differing opinions, that exploded into a flame war. One or both sides may have “started it” (the flame-y, attacking aspect), or, maybe it was just one side.

    Whichever side “started” stuff (the negative stuff now going on), I would probably hold feelings of disapproval over what they were doing, or how they were handling things. Many times I end up finding I find some “fault” (a little bit) with both sides…other times, not – and it’s clearly a bad guy/good guy or victim/attackers situation.

    If I find it’s the latter, my sense of injustice, and sensitivity to cruelty, unfairness, and bullying kicks in, and I will typically rush to defend the victim. Sometimes ferociously, and single-handedly. (I’ve done this in real life in physical situations, even.) I’ll put my neck out there, do or die.

    If it’s the former, I may enter into the fray only in so much as to be a voice of reason to both sides, and to offer a more neutral point of view. I will probably take an egalitarian stance on pointing out (politely but logically and firmly) where each side might be in error or behaving unfairly or badly, or might be missing something in their view of the situation or the other’s side of things. Or, I may enter the fray to mildly reprimand both of them. (Though, this is much less likely in the situation of 1 person being beaten up by a mob. I’d find it a bit cruel to reprimand any of their behaviour, as they were getting beaten up enough as it was. Even if it’s a ‘troll.’)

    If I don’t feel like the fight is horribly unbalanced (unfair or overly victimizing), I may stand back and just watch the fray, taking interest in how things pan out for both sides. (See if anybody learns anything, or manages to come together, understand each other a bit better, in the end.)

    There are some cases where even where it is a ‘mob’ against 1, that one is holding their own well enough in the fray, and, being as it’s online (and not real life, they’re getting literally beaten up), I more often feel that they’re in less need of “rescuing” sometimes, than in real life. That they have the option to leave, and don’t have to engage any longer with that group. (This would be different, obviously, from a situation where a person was being cyberstalked and harrassed! That is different.) If the person seems to be there of their own free choice, and is remaining there in that situation, I will probably feel less need to jump in and offer aid, distraction to the wolves, or a voice of reason to the ‘sides.’ Because in that case it just seems to be sticking my nose in where it wasn’t invited, and maybe becoming another part of the problem, instead of the solution.

    But what you seem to be wanting to describe, Ami, sounds more like a clear case of bullying/victimization. So in those types of situations, I will definitely try to jump in to defend, and/or also help the victim to get away, get the wolves off their back, or get out of that situation. If they needed help to keep the wolves off their back and were being cyberstalked/victimized, I would find and offer them legal help or more official solutions of protection or prosecution.

    Perhaps this helps to frame my attitude: Sometimes, I see it as a matter of leaving a person their dignity (to defend themselves) if they’re capable of extricating themselves from a situation, or are holding their own (or, if they had a hand in “starting it” – leaving them to learn their own consequences). Not every matter requires outsiders jumping into the fray. Nor is it welcome, in every matter, to every single person.

    However, I think that I have a pretty keen sense of when victimization is happening (I’m very sensitive to that, and have been a target myself, in past situations)…and I’ve done more than my fair share of leaping in and sticking my neck out in ‘real life’ situations, taking on people much ‘stronger’ than me whether in number, status/position, physical condition, or age – to defend someone that I saw as being victimized or bullied. (…While other people just stood around.)

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        You are so cute, Ferry. I truly have defined what I see as loyalty and few Moons see it as I do. If I care for someone and that person gets insulted, I jump in and help them. I don’t have to see what happened. That, to me, is what being a friend MEANS.

        I see that most Moons do not see it that way. I have taken things personally that were not personal. OTOH, for my closest friends, I would want Moons that think like I do.

        To me, the Moons that think like a Cancer Moon would be Taurus, Cancer( of course), Scorpio, Capricorn and Leo. I am totally sure of Leo but I will put him here because he is loyal in the way that Cancer is, but maybe not as reflexively so as the others.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    My father’s natal sign AND moon are in Virgo. There’s a couple of words I would use
    to describe this: Finicky and prissy. Nothing is just right for them, from room temperture
    to food. If they are bothered, they let you know it!

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