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My Psychic Gift is The Gift of Discernment from the Holy Spirit

My psychic gift is a Gift from the Holy Spirit. It is not more complicated than that. All Christians have Gifts from the Holy Spirit. We may have several. You can look in the Bible to see the list of Gifts from the Holy Spirit.I felt that I was supposed to take mine public and in this venue. I don’t know all the whys but I felt that I was. I try to be led by God. What is a better purpose in life than to follow God?God uses each Gift we have. He uses each Gift for His Work on the earth. Many Christians think I am involved in the occult. I am not—-1000%. My psychic gift is not from the occult. Astrology is not part of the occult either. I am sure many people who are part of the occult use Astrology but it is not an occult body of knowledge. Astrology was part of the early church. The star that led the wise men to Jesus was an Astrological chart. What else would make sense. That makes perfect sense. I would not contact the dead as I feel mediumship is an occult practice. The Bible forbids this. I am a Christian. I am a psychic. I am an astrologer. However, my passion is to lead people to Jesus. All pales next to that. That allows me to be flexible on most things, as I have my goal in sight. I want people to see Jesus through me. I fail. Let me say that off the bat.If you look closely, you will see many many many flaws.Those who know me are probably smiling now. However, my desire is for people to find Jesus. My life will have meaning if I am a small part of that Larger Plan.

One thought on “My Psychic Gift is The Gift of Discernment from the Holy Spirit

  1. amiannSandra Thompson

    Wow I always wondered about this. I am a born-again Christian woman of 79 years of age (age being just a number lol). I have had visions since I was a child but didn’t really understand what to do about them and didn’t have the support of my family as they saw psychics as evil and not of God. This was difficult for me as I believe my gift of discernment and healing are definitely from God and have been used in that way all my life no matter what my family said. It was hard though as this teaching gets preached into you and then I have had to do what I believe God wants me to do. What I want to ask is I also had a vision of a girl taken by two men at a park where she was jogging I had this complete vision of where she died and where she is buried. This vision was in 2006 and the young woman of 19 years was taken in 2002. I wasn’t sure what to do about this vision and my neighbor begged me to tell the police but I was reluctantf and held this with me all these years. We moved away and now we are back and I see this case has not been solved. My son took a three-page report of my vision to the sheriff and the new cold case unit and I pray they will take this vision I had seriously and bring closure to the mother. Is this of God? I have had other instances of future events ie news on television of a woman who was found in a mine in I believe it was Colorado and four days later it was on the news the exact same vision I had four days earlier. Kinda weird but recently I shared a vision of my great granddaughter being taken by a stranger when she was playing in the woods with her sister (they weren’t supposed to be there) and that vision I had months ago. This vision was when she was living with her father in MS but at the time of the vision, she was not living with her father. Now just recently I kept getting my great granddaughter’s name and the word “caution”. I got that all week long even awakened in my sleep. I told my granddaughter about this and she instantly reacted and warned the father to watch over her daughter. I then told her the dream I had months ago and she understands me because I have helped her with some dangerous decisions along the way in her life. Am I on the right track? These gifts are current events, past events and future events. I want to be a blessing always and help people and lead them to the Lord or build their faith. I take no credit for these gifts. If this young woman who was missing in 2002 is found according to my vision, I don’t want any credit. I will tell them it was God that found her. I walk softly before the Lord. I never want to offend my precious Lord. I don’t speak to the dead or black magic or anything like that. I only listen to the inner voice of the Lord and I love it to bring glory to Him I guess I just need confirmation that it’s okay to be called a psysic and I am not understanding astrology as I was again taught that was not of God. Perhaps you can help me with that. The Bible is pretty clear about sooth sayersf and I get nervous and don’t ever want to get off track. Thank you so much letting me bring all this up to you.

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