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My Psychic Gift is The Gift of Discernment from the Holy Spirit

My psychic gift is a Gift from the Holy Spirit. It is not more complicated than that. All Christians have Gifts from the Holy Spirit. We may have several. You can look in the Bible to see the list of Gifts from the Holy Spirit.I felt that I was supposed to take mine public and in this venue. I don’t know all the whys but I felt that I was. I try to be led by God. What is a better purpose in life than to follow God?God uses each Gift we have. He uses each Gift for His Work on the earth. Many Christians think I am involved in the occult. I am not—-1000%. My psychic gift is not from the occult. Astrology is not part of the occult either. I am sure many people who are part of the occult use Astrology but it is not an occult body of knowledge. Astrology was part of the early church. The star that led the wise men to Jesus was an Astrological chart. What else would make sense. That makes perfect sense. I would not contact the dead as I feel mediumship is an occult practice. The Bible forbids this. I am a Christian. I am a psychic. I am an astrologer. However, my passion is to lead people to Jesus. All pales next to that. That allows me to be flexible on most things, as I have my goal in sight. I want people to see Jesus through me. I fail. Let me say that off the bat.If you look closely, you will see many many many flaws.Those who know me are probably smiling now. However, my desire is for people to find Jesus. My life will have meaning if I am a small part of that Larger Plan.

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