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Name Asteroids In the Charts of Travis Alexander and Jody Arias

Think of all the names. Think of all the people. If you had an exact conjunction of someone’s name on one of your planets or angle, you know that is not chance. Hence, I felt compelled to look at the charts of Jody and Travis to see if Name Asteroids would appear. Jody’s Name Asteroid is an exact conjunction to Travis’ Pluto. Pluto is the planet of one’s primal passions. Think of a majestic tiger roaming the veld. He is all instincts. He is all rpimal power. That is Pluto. We each have a tiger. We each have to tame it. If not, we will pay one way or another.

To make The Name Asteroid Jody conjunct Travis’ Pluto practical, I will say this. Jody touched Travis at the level of his deepest most primal passions. Many people think they are walking heads. I do. I have a 9th house stellium of Gemini Sun, Venus, mercury and Cancer Moon. However, we are primal, passionate creatures and we can get into trouble if we forget the power of that.

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