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How Do Name Asteroids Work In the Charts?

kiss black and whiteThis is a wonderful new question I just got on my Comment Form. Please, keep your questions coming. It is so much fun for me to see what interests people. I want to write articles that you like. That is the fun part for me. With that said, let’s talk about name asteroids. I talk from my experience doing charts. When I do a natal or a synastry, I ask the client to give me the top five names or places that are significant.  The reason I love Astrology so much is that it shows the order of the Universe. It shows that God made each person with a unique plan.

I will tell you some stories from charts I have done. One girl, who is a best selling author, was raped by her brother. This incident, as well as other family abuse, gave her great insight into the mind of the abuse victim. She is a brilliant writer, along the lines of a John Grisham. Her brother’s name was conjunct her MC. The MC is the career point in the chart. Also, the state in which she was abused was prominent in her chart, as well. I can’t remember the actual placement.

Another girl had the name of her home town conjunct her Sun.

In another case, a person had an online handle. She joined an online group that changed her life. She chose the handle because it seemed as if she had to be this name in this situation. She spent a year in the online group and it changed her life. Just for fun, she looked up the online handle name and it was conjunct her Mercury, exact. This situation showed me that God is in the details. All the name and place asteroids show this but some seem more fascinating than others.

It is not rare for the name of the beloved to be prominent in the chart of the native. It if, often, conjunct the DSC. The Descendent is the point of the partner in the natal chart. It is not rare for the name of the partner to conjunct the Sun or Venus.

I have seen the name of one’s mother conjunct the vertex. The vertex is the point in the natal which shows what OTHERS will bring to you. In this case, his mother was very significant. The Anti- vertex is what you will bring to others. For example, one client was upset that she had Nessus conjunct her vertex and called on me to ask about this. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. She would not be an abuser but others would bring abuse to her. That is how the vertex and anti vertex work.

I know that I have many other name asteroid stories but they are escaping me, at the moment.

For you, go to Find the listing of all the names and places and plug them into your charts. Come and tell me what happens, so we can all learn together.



17 thoughts on “How Do Name Asteroids Work In the Charts?

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            It would take me a long time to look at all the aspects. You can come put your chart up in my Forum and ask some questions if you would like, J!

  1. amiannGib

    Similarly, none of my names are asteroids. I keep going through the list to see if I find something with the spark of relevancy.


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I see, Gib. One has to get a close name sometimes. I just did a chart with the name Glenn and I had to use Glennford but it fit so well in the person’s life that it was amazing.

  2. amiannLovingMystery

    You have “Daniel” half a degree away from my Eris and IC. Say no more!! Great work too Peach with your creativity…I see you’ve got a few more articles done. When I get time ill happily read. Cheerio darl xxx

      1. amiannLovingMystery

        Mad at me…Hehe….you just get a taste of your own straight talking medicine back at ya when it comes to me. Happy to uplift :-))

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