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Narcissus and Echo—The Painful Mirror

601217_432095420144139_1269188711_nI was asked to write about Narcissus and Echo. I have done so before but as I grow and change, I get new insights. First of all, one must find out which asteroids are important in one’s chart. Most are not. Hence, if Narcissus and Echo are not important in your chart, you really do not need to worry about them, other than intellectual interest. If they are important to your chart, their stories will resonate with you. You will know before you look at your chart that these asteroids are personal just from how you react to the stories.

If Saturn conjuncts any asteroid, you will be obsessed with that asteroid. Echo conjuncts my Saturn. I have seen this same trend of obsession when Saturn conjuncts asteroids in charts of my clients.

Now, onto the story of Narcissus and Echo.Narcissus is not what most people think he is. He does not think that he can do no wrong. He does not have high self esteem. He wears a mask. Under this mask, he is screaming. Under this mask, he wanders bereft. He is filled with angst but you would never know it by his swagger. You want to bring him down a peg. However, he lives in the basement of his own soul. He hates himself.

When one sees Narcissus looking in the pool, admiring his own reflection, one thinks he believes he is beautiful. He does NOT. He believes he is so ugly and heinous that he can’t stop looking for the glimpse of goodness. Yet, he does not find it. THIS is his tragedy.

Echo, on the other hand, truly loves Narcissus. Echo stands to his side, bereft that he can’t see her. She may as well be invisible. She is invisible because she has lost her true voice. She lost it because she THOUGHT she needed Narcissus to give it to her. Echo thought she would find her true self if she could only get Narcissus to love her. She didn’t know that she could have gotten her true voice on her own. This is her tragedy

I suppose one could look at Echo’s love and see that it is flawed. It is flawed because she is making Narcissus her god. She gives Narcissus the power to deem her worthy or deem her damned. This is a story of paired asteroids which fit together like a puzzle piece from hell, or just from the earth and the flawed passions of men.


7 thoughts on “Narcissus and Echo—The Painful Mirror

  1. amiannNarcissus

    I am beautiful
    No matter what you say
    Words can’t bring me down

    When I look in the puddle,
    I don’t see my echo
    I see my s-elf
    In full glory
    Im so beeeeeutiful
    I just can’t look away

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, but it is not a true sense of himself that he feels. Have you ever seen a beautiful but vapid woman wield her beauty? It is not from a strong sense of self. She needs the attention because she is as empty as air.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Narcissus lol
      It has taken me to this point of great soul searching of immense pain to see that the narcissist does not love himself. He is driven to PROVE to himself that he is indeed lovable and indeed worthy.

  2. amiannNarcissus

    Who are you, Ami Anne? A shadow created of your former self? Or a lie created as a barrier.
    You might be a narc too but don’t see it
    You might be an echo of your former narc

  3. amiannNarcissus

    Yeap only a true Narcissist understands another
    We are not broken, we are the true seekers of perfection in self
    Though in a warped way

    In this day and age
    Who is not warped?
    Sometimes narcisim is a form of self confidence

    Without I, there’d be no Echo.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, Narcissism is good and NEEDED in a healthy dose. I suppose it is like all things, in that balance is the key. Narcissus is on one end of the spectrum and Echo on the other. In between is what is desired and not easy to find, in my experience.

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