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Neptune Dissolves What it Touches

I have done articles on various planets and asteroids and what they do when they touch other planetary bodies. Pholus explodes what it touches. If Pholus touches Chiron( the planet of pain), the person will explode with pain. This explosion can be verbal or written. However, you will know as it will be like projectile vomiting . I have known people with Pholus conjunct Ceres(unconditional love). They explode love in a way that is utterly amazing. You feel as if you are sitting under a shower of acceptance.. Jupiter expands what it touches and makes it sunny and optimistic. If Jupiter touches Venus, the person’s love nature is expanded. This is a beautiful feeling for those of us on the receiving end. You will feel Jupiter conjunct Venus as it’s love feels very encompassing . You feel showered with warmth. Saturn restricts, cools, and makes insecure what it touches. If Saturn touches the Sun, your identity suffers and you have low self esteem.

Neptune dissolves what it touches. If Neptune touches one’s Sun, one may have poor boundaries. One’s self becomes amorphous. Neptune conjunct the Sun is classic for addictions as one’s self has a great deal of pain. A self was meant to be solid, not diffuse. A diffuse self is a mentally ill self. One must look at the House placement of Neptune, too. Neptune will dissolve the domain of the House in which it resides. If Neptune is in the first house, one’s identity suffers from lack of boundaries and angst about who one is. If Neptune is in the second house, one may not see the way in which to provide for one’s material needs. Neptune makes foggy what it touches. It makes the way to deal with the house in which it resides, unclear. One may feel as if one cannot grasp the ways and means to conquer the affairs of the House, such that one can live with equanimity, in this sphere of life. Please, check out each house and what it rules to see how Neptune would impact it. If you care for me to write about each house, specifically, let me know and I will.

9 thoughts on “Neptune Dissolves What it Touches

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question, Kristen. Which house, as one of my clients had this in the 11th and the house was a big factor in how this conjunction expressed itself?

  1. amiannGilly

    Hi amiann,,
    I have neptune conjunct mars exact at 10 degrees in the fifth house scorpio .. i have read Grant Lewys interpretation .about it being a sign of a magician .. i wonder what your take is on it . just found your site and it’s very good

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks Gilly! Well, ten degrees is very wide such that many Astrologers would not count it. I can talk about Mars in the 5th and Neptune in the 5th, if you would like. Mars in the 5th gives drive and energy to the 5th House which means that you probably like romance, creativity and fun of all kinds i.e play. Neptune, though, may fog you such that you may do the aforementioned things and later not understand why they did not work out the way you wanted and/or expected. Does that fit, Gilly?

      1. amiannGilly

        Hi Amiann .. thanks for the quick reply .. i wrote it wrong (a novice at this ) .. they are conjunct at exactly the same degree ..neptune at 10.25 and mars at 10 59 ..and i have mercury at 4 degrees scorpio too …but you pretty much describe it well ..

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          My pleasure, Gilly. I love when people enjoy my website. It makes my day! Well, that changes things, Gilly. When Mars conjuncts Neptune, the person may have a hard time going after what he wants. Neptune fogs what it touches. IT makes what it touches amorphous rather than crystallized, as Saturn would do, for example. Do you have a hard time gearing yourself up to meet your goals?

  2. amiannZazil

    Hi Amiann! Thanks for the article! I always had mixed feelings about neptune in general, I have it conjunct my Uranus in the first house (That’s Capricorn). Neptune is at 23

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The conjunction is for all in the same generation but the house is important as is thr close square with Mercury! I bet you suffer from feeling you will lose your mind and not feeling you can touch the ground and get a solid grasp of reality. Am I right <3

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