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Neptune in the 12th House—Can I Live In Fantasy?

12th House planets may be a gift or a curse. They ARE a force with which to reckon. No one will argue, on that score. I have been afraid of them. They seem like a behemoth. They seem like huge mountains, off in the distance, too high, too steep. One wants to give up, just in the looking. However, with all things, one can have a shift in perspective and the monster who looked as if it would eat you can seem to dissipate into smoke. No, it is not this easy. However, I am changing my viewpoint on 12th House planets, a bit. The native with 12th House planets will be forced to forge a spiritual path, as shopping for shoes at Bloomingdales will not do it for her/him. He, simply, will not be able to navigate life without God. The 12th House is the House of addictions and hidden passions. We, all, know how hidden passions, left untended in a dark closet will multiply as something untoward. There is a law in Energetic Healing that one cannot leave energy in a hole in the ground, proverbially speaking, and expect it to stay there. No, it will reproduce, silently, and come up and bite you, as it’s reckoning for your silliness in thinking you could push it in to hiding. Truth be told, we can’t hide anything. Certainly not, deep passion. So, what is the solution for this? A 12th House Person must have stop gap measures. He is a volcano, by the nature of 12th House planets. He may blow, at any time. He may implode, at any time. He must take this seriously and set up measures,such that he cam allow steam to release in small increments. The most important measure is a trusted friend to whom one can unburden everything. One can find one,if one looks and prays. Such a person is a gift from God, rare but not impossible. Then,one must cry as if one’s heart is breaking because if you have 12th House planets, your heart did.

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