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Nessus conjunct the Sun in Synastry

tattoo lovers 2I write about what I know. I don’t write about it until I have a feel for it, both in doing chart and in my own chart, usually.I started having a special interest in Nessus from a Nessus/Deja relationship. Nessus is the abuser and Dejanira is the victim. If any relationship has a fatal attraction feel, it is a Nessus/Deja relationship. If one sees a political figure or other public figure give up all for a seemingly inconsequential relationship, I bet it would be a Nessus/Deja one.¬† It seems that there is one to a lifetime. Maybe, that is all one can take. Maybe, one learns. At any rate, if a relationship is two magnets which must touch, it is this.

I have my theories on why it is so powerful. I think it mixes love with abuse. To those of us who were abused, they are inextricably  mixed. This is the passion and this is the undoing. One finds home and home turns out to the the same home that one left.

At any rate, that was a preview to the subject of this article which is Nessus conjunct the Sun in synastry. This can happen in all manner of relationships from lovers to children to friends. I have seen the same thing happen over and over. This made me write the article. The Nessus person will feel an uncontrollable urge to abuse the planet person. By planet person, I include angles such as the ASC, IC, DSC and MC. By planets, I include all planets but more specifically the personal planets–the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Lesser so, I would include Saturn and Jupiter.

The Nessus person may abuse the planet person in an ambient way or an overt manner. It doesn’t matter as much as does the URGE to abuse. That is the subject of this article. I want to give you a heads up when you see Nessus conjunct one of your personal planets or when your Nessus does the same to another.

I await your Comments, as always and thank you, in advance, for them!

31 thoughts on “Nessus conjunct the Sun in Synastry

  1. amiannIo_juno_spirit

    Hello Ami:
    I have a comment here,
    I have my ASC in conjunction with someone’s Nessus, in addition I have my MC in conjunction with this person’s Jupiter. I’ve experienced both elements, expansion in my career and restriction on my personal character. Even thought the contact with this person has never been pleasant, it was necessary for me to get success in my career through this relationship.
    Now I’m done with this, and happy with all the achievements. I think that the growing anger within me related with the Nessus contact is faded away with the other beneficial contact of Jupiter and MC.
    I think Nessus contacts are bad, but sometimes the Nessus person suffers even more, and I think in my case is that way. Well, I have Nessus in my NN. I know what is your opinion about that but, I’m certainly not an abuser. As you can see, in this case there are equilibrated aspects.
    PD: I like your page very much! xxx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Lo_Juno! Could you describe how you see Nessus conj the NN, in your case. I am, always, up for learning. The best person to teach one is someone with the aspect! How do you see the Nessus person suffering more . Was this in reference to your case you described or just a general thought about it. I am very glad you commented! xx

      1. amiannIo_juno_spirit

        Well. Actually in my case I can’t consider myself neither an abuser nor an abused person. I know you are the expert regarding Nessus aspects, but well, in my chart is difficult to define Nessus influence.

        – I’m a Libra sun, which means people-pleasant-person.
        – Syrene asteroid is in conjunction with my Ascendant.
        – My sun/pluto/mercury are in Arcturus and near Jupiter.
        This aspect is considered a very honorable place.
        I like to help the helpless persons. I need an urge to defend them from evil people.
        – Venus conjunct 8TH house cusp, (Asteroid Hypnos is also in the Alma/Venus/Hypnos triad) and also paralel my NN.
        I need an urge to learn Astrology/Numerology/Quiromancy and since this 8th H is in Sag. I like buddism religion points of view. I like spirituality as a whole.
        – I also have a very sensitive Moon in Cancer, paralel with my NN.
        Well, that is a big scream of “That’s what I am!” I feel this the most. I connect with people feelings and I know many things before these occur to me.

        In addition, even though Nessus is conjunct my NN it is not paralel to it so, to be honest, I dont feel Nessus influence as hard as I feel the Moon and Hypnos influence.

        That’s it!

        PD: See my chart from this thread.

  2. amiannIo_juno_spirit

    About Cyrene asteroid I quote Marina E Partridge phrase “the lion-taming huntress”. This asteroid is conjunct my ASC so, that’s me.
    About Arcturus “It gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination and prosperity by navigation and voyages”
    There is a very interesting article of Jamie Partridge:

    I’ve experienced that parallel aspects should not be disregarded, after years of completing the puzzle of my chart I found out what many people explain in Astrology forum, parallel aspects are incredible powerful. In my opinion, that’s not just important, for me the parallel aspects to the NN are what define the character and the purpose of life on people. There is a traditional Astrology, modern Astrology and many good sites about Astrology, yet… I found a little bit confusing those criteria related with “the main aspects”. Tight conjunction/square/trine/oppositions are one thing but, in my opinion, tight paralel aspects to the NN (within 1 degree) are the most important aspects.

  3. amiannIo_juno_spirit

    This is a difficult aspect to have. I can’t resist to stand out against unfair behaviors. I fight againts unkind people even thought the victim wasn’t me, but I need to help those in needs. While time pass by, I am more focussed in my path, so, I try not to identify myself with moments in which people are having unkind behavior, in order to be more sane. I also need peace as everybody.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    You’ve REALLY OUT DONE YOURSELF NOW! I’ve never seen a more BLATANT
    DISPLAY OF VULGARIETY with the picture that tops off this posting!

  5. amiannLon Spector

    Did you listen to that song I told you about “Cool Night” by Paul Davis?
    He also did a gospel song called “Do Right.” His father was a Pastor.
    In some of the U-Tube sites, when the song is played you see unclothed
    couples. DON’T they EVER stop?

  6. amiannLon Spector

    I really wish you would listen to that song “Cool Night.” It’s a work of art.
    Did you ever notice that the “sensative ones” die at a young age?
    Paul Davis died one day after his sixethith birth day. A great love singer named
    Dan Folgelburg died young from prostate cancer. He was famous for “Another
    Old Lang Sign.” Country singer Eddie Rabbit, who sang “Just You And I” with
    Crystal Gale also died young.
    The sensative people (Like your son) are too fragal to live long lives.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I will listen right now. My son had certain things I can see now. His venus was an exact conj with Pluto in the 8th house. He had a Cappy Mars and was very goal oriented BUT he had a Pisces Moon which was intercepted in the 1st house. He was too sensitive for that powerhouse when it came to love. He also had an exact mercury sq Uranus which is the WORST. You do not want Mercury in hard aspect to Uranus. This would almost be the worst of any aspects. It makes for a buzzing, electrical mind which won’t shut down. It makes for a genius but the price is not worth it.
      He was radically saved in high school. He is in heaven, so he and I only had a loss on this earth. He is safe and happy and would never come back if he could.

  7. amiannLon Spector

    Being on an even keel is tough because there’s so much beauty like
    Springtime and so much gloom like Wintertime and, from day to day, you
    NEVER know what your going to get!
    Once a person posed the question: “What can happen in 24 hours?” I responded,
    “You could be dead in 24 hours.”

  8. amiannLon Spector

    There was an R&B song from the late 20th century by a group called
    “Travers.” It’s title was “It only Takes A Minute, To Fall In Love.”
    That song was prophetic about the perminate state of economic depression
    we have now.
    Survival of the fittest! Well, I’m not long for this world!

  9. amiannLon Spector

    I’m a very “affectable” person. I always was sensative. Don’t
    graphologists say that if you make the letter “T” like an “L,” and draw
    a line through it, that’s the mark of a sensative person?

  10. amiannLon Spector

    Well. Neptune opposite Sun. Very infleuencable. Along with Moon
    trine Neptune. Did you ever hear the song “Gimmie The Beat,” by Dobie
    Gray? I’m like a person who gets “sent” places by music and art.
    The “real world” never held much that interested me. “You’re ugly!”
    “Nobody would ever ______ you!” “You’re good for nothing!” “Worthless!”
    Is it any wonder I perfer dreams to reality?
    But one thing I can’t understand: “Why are there 72 “Brown Eyed virgins” in
    the Moslem heaven? Who would WANT THAT?
    You wouldn’t get me to do any thing like THAT for anything less then 120
    blue eyed, blond haired women! The don’t have to be virgins. Nobodies’ perfect!

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