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Nessus: The Abusers Asteroid

In my Astrological community, I have become somewhat of an authority on Nessus. Nessus is the asteroid of pure abuse. People differ in their Astrological opinions, as people differ in every field. To me, Nessus represents someone taking what they want from another person with NO thought or feeling for the other person’s welfare.

You can look for Nessus in the birth chart which is called the natal chart, or you can look for Nessus in the relationship chart, which is called the synastry. chart. Both yield important information. If Nessus is prominent in the natal chart, it does not mean the person will be an abuser. However, they will be called upon to deal with this very dark energy.

Nessus in synastry is fascinating. I have come to be able to tell if it is a Nessus relationship JUST from hearing the person talk. Then, when I check the synastry, sure enough, there is a prominent Nessus connection. This has not failed, yet. If you hear someone totally obsessed with another person, a fatal attraction type of feeling, you can be quite sure to find Nessus, in a prominent way. I am not saying that the relationship has to be abusive, just that the couple will have to deal with this dark energy.

Nessus is paired with the victim Asteroid Dejanira. I will discuss this in another . entry.

37 thoughts on “Nessus: The Abusers Asteroid

  1. Amimiss concerned

    It is very beautiful what you wrote about Nessus,thank you for that.Can you answer me please?
    I have such an aspect with one guy that i like.
    His Nessus (12 virgo) squares my saturn,chiron.
    His Nessus opposite my jupiter and vesta conjunction which is on my descendant or in the 7 house in natal chart.
    His Nessus also conjunct my asteroid diana by 4 deg and conjuncts my natal ascendant (maybe not precisely).
    I have to say that I am living not in the place I was born.
    And after the relocation I have jupiter in 8-th house.
    What are the dangers?
    We also have this aspects:
    His venus, bachus (aquar) conjunction conjunct my eros and pandora and squares my pluto
    My eros opposite his sapho and vesta.
    His sun neptune pallas mercury conjunction conjunct with my exact sapho-mars conjunction-it
    is mostly my sapho-mars conjunct his neptune-sun,all this conjunction opposite my moon
    My neptune conjunct his pallas.I have to say that mars is the ruler of my natal 8 th house and neptune of my 7 th house.
    On my moon there is his pandora and dionisus and my dionisus.
    His chiron conjuncts my psyche.
    HIS eros-casanova conjunction opposite my moon.
    In his natal chart the guy has venus (aqua) pluto (scorp) square,psyche pluto conjunction and maybe he has moon-pluto opposition ans venus square moon.
    Also in his natal chart there is mars exact opposition asteroid Cupido (taurus) &mars(scorp)
    And I have in my natal venus (taurus) opposition asteroid Toro (scorp),the venus conjuncts hygea,anteros and appollo.His valentine conjuncts my venus and all this conjunction
    His ANTEROS conjuncts my north node and urania conjunction.
    His moon conjuncts or my sun or my north node or my pan or opposite my pluto or squares my eros-pandora conjunction.
    I don t know when he was born exactly,sorry.
    Also his lilith squares my venus-hygea-anteros-apollo conjunction
    His Juno&selen conjuncts my jupiter-vesta-karma-damocle (12-10 PISCES) conjunction which is on my desc. or in 7th house in natal chart and in 8 th in relocation
    His karma and hygea conjunction conjuncts my Diana ,squares my Saturn (sag) & Chiron (gem) and opposite my jupiter-vesta-karma conjunction and his juno-selene-damocle conjunction.In my natal i also have jupiter-vesta-karma-damocle conjunction opposite to Diana which is on my natal desc. or close to it all this squared by Saturn& Chiron,which opposite each other
    What are the dangers?
    What I can cause him to be agressive or violent?
    Thank you very much!
    Sorry for my English.

    1. Amiamiann

      Thank you for writing Sweetie. I need to study what you wrote. I will take a break and be back in a little while. I see that there are many aspects you put up but we can talk about them! I only wish I could speak Spanish, the language I am studying, as well as you speak English!

    2. Amiamiann

      Now, before we do anything you need to only deal with asteroids that conjunct up to 3 degrees and that is wide. Some Astrologers accept 1 degree only. Asteroids are very precise. They are like curry or hot pepper. They will make the soup what it is but too much ruins the soup. With asteroids–write the orb of each because if it is a wide orb, it will not count. Conjunctions are the strongest. For other aspects–1-2 degrees would be tops.

      1. Amiamiann

        If you can list the orbs, that would be useful because if things are not close they have little meaning.Orbs are the degree of closeness. For example a Venus at 9 Gemini and am Eros at 10 Gemini would have a 1 degree orb. if the Eros was at 11 Gemini, there would be a 2 degree orb.

    1. Amiamiann

      Hi Tara
      Well, I don’t think you will stop and desist lol
      I think you will have to deal with your own darkest energy. That is not, always, a bad thing. However, if/when it ends, you may have severe grief. The grief will be your own deepest pain coming to the surface. Were you abused as a child?

  2. Amiglittergirl

    I find these asteroid aspects fascinating its a shame theres not much info out there about them. I have just found out my Nessus is in the sign Gemini which conjuncts my mars. How do i interpret this. I mean has this got anything todo with anger?! I’m not a abusive person but i can recognise forms of it from other people. I can usually spot these pyschopaths a mile off!

    1. Amiamiann

      Come and put your chart up in my Personal Readings Forum. It is free. Briefly, you will want to abuse. You don’t have to give into it, but you will feel the urge to be abusive. Gemini is one of the best sign to have when you have this conjunction, as it is air and air will just abuse verbally πŸ˜€
      Hope to see you on my Forum!

    1. Amiamiann

      Hi Lucian
      Come and out your chart on my Forum and we all will look at it. It won’t have the depth of a professional reading, as those take me over a week, but you can ask some questions and I will try to help you πŸ™‚

  3. AmiNakita

    Hello forum. I have a double whammy aspect with someone where both our Suns oppose each other Nessus. Will we be abusive to each other? We have other synastry as well. Give me instructions on how to post charts or I guess the email? Thank you so much as I worry about that aspect.

    1. Amiamiann

      Hi There! Did you register for the Forum? First, do that. To post charts, you need to save them to a place like Photobucket and then upload them. How close is this Nessus oppose Sun. I would give it only 2 degrees or less. If not, it won’t be much of a factor imo

  4. Amivanellope

    Since I found you to be the most relevant authority on the web πŸ™‚ I wanted to ask you what to you would think about those aspects in natal and draconic synastries.
    All the aspects are maximum 2degree orbs.
    – His Nessus conj my Sun, trine my Pluto/Saturn/Moon conj and my Ceres/vertex conj
    – Moon trine Nessus double whammy (0)
    – Nessus trine Vertex double whammy (0)
    I also have many wide orbs squares with his planets and a 0deg sextile with his lust and he has a quintile with my Pholus, which activates many of his planets.
    – Nessus opposite Venus double whammy
    – My nessun conj his draconic sun
    All I can tell is that I’m definetely more than obsessed πŸ™‚
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Amiamiann

      Aww Just saw this. Thank you, V! I don’t do Draconic, so can’t speak to that. Let me come back after I take an eye break and I will look. You can post your chart in my Personal Readings Forum, too, and ask any questions. However, I will try to address these questions when I come back. Your kind words made my day!

    2. Amiamiann

      – His Nessus conj my Sun, trine my Pluto/Saturn/Moon conj and my Ceres/vertex conj
      – Moon trine Nessus double whammy (0)
      – Nessus trine Vertex double whammy (0)

      WOW I would say that you are obsessed. This is off hand a bit but I told someone that crying tears over a nessus relationship felt like fire. She said something about the nessus myth as having someone turned into fire or Nessus himself had fire in him. I can’t remember but the obsession in a Nessus relationship is off the chart. The joy is as well. I need to say that. The connection is like no other. I need to say that. However, it does not seem to sustain but I have only seen a sample of all the Nessus relationships, of course. When it ends, it seems to end badly. However, the people seemed to be changed forever in good ways.

      At any rate, onto your placements! His Nessus conj your Sun would make him in the power position. He would prolly feel the urge to abuse you. This can be sexy. I hate to say that but I will always be honest. It is sexy like the vampire biting someone’s neck is sexy. The Nessus conjunct the Sun feels like the vampire is circling your neck and you want him to bite it lol

      The Nessus trines are easier. With them, I am not sure what happens, exactly. My clients are a small sample of people and as you seem to have found out, there is precious little practical information on asteroids. It is mostly esoteric mush.

      I would love you to tell me about this relationship. Start from the beginning up to the present. We can talk on here or on my Forum. Thank you again for posting!

  5. Amivanellope

    Oh so so thankful for your fast answer! I would be really happy if you could give a look to this synastry, so I will post it soon! Thanks again and have a nice week!:)

    1. Amiamiann

      Yes, this website is my passion. I appreciate everyone who posts. I will look forward to seeing your charts. Ask the questions at the same time, so I have everything in the same place, Friend.

  6. AmiVanellope

    I think this is going to be a veeeery long post, plus i’m not an english speaker, so..sorry in advance!:)
    I’m in a 3 years and a half relationship (living together since 3 and I never had any doubt about) and I feel my life has been messed up since I met this guy online when Venus was transiting my uranus/his vertex.
    Still haven’t met this guy, we live in different places, willing to do it like if a fated irrisistable strenght is pulling me to him, feeling just like Sleeping Beauty going to touch the spindle, like I desperately need to pass through this to be able to go on on my life (with him or not). I feel like I’m back in my 16s, or maybe worst.
    As i told you, we have a lot of Nessus stuff going on, a lot of Lust, eros, psyche and Pholus, obviously tons of Saturn…and I’ve been surprised about a psyche/destinn-NN conjunction double whammy, in my case his psyche is working with his nessus and ceres on my pan-sun-mars-nn-destinn.
    I never looked at name asteroids before, his POF is on my MC with my his-name asteroid. His his-name asteroid on my Neptune in my 4th house= biggest illusion evaH??
    My My-name asteroid on his juno, widely opposing my vertex and his valentine..while his my-name is on my descendant.
    I think i read on Linda Goodman you had a Nessus-Sun (where you were the sun) relationship where you were “obsessed like out the whazoo”, so I’m sure you will understand my feeling. Don’t know if he’s still obsessed as I am. As you can see I’m a sun-mars-NN-destinn 10th house gemini (opposing an IC neptune), trining my 2nd saturn-pluto-moon conj, “grand-trining” my vertex-ceres conj, plus a lilith opposite venus and a jupiter-uranus opposing mercury.
    I feel all this making me a very intense-fate-active person, i feel intuitions and i go straight cold-turkey for it, no half measures. But this time looks like I’m truly scared, not because of what he said, just because i know i’m going to destroy things and i will hurt myself a lot ( go on, masochism!).
    I tried to take a look to my bf/him synastry..they have a Mars-juno conjunction dw, HIM mars+asc on my bf juno are opposing my bf’s my-name asteroid and His name asteroid is on my bf uranus.
    They also have a HIM Pluto-bf destinn conj and a HIM sun-jupiter conj BF Venus..opposing HIM nn-union-destinn/BF Union-himname/my psyche conjunction…too messy! πŸ™‚
    The questionS are
    – do i feel this because of the transits I’m going through at the moment?
    Yep… I knew about saturn squaring my natal venus, but all I said before all this was going to happen was “That’s all folks!!”, plus juno on my lilith..nessus going on my vertex…
    Do you see some kind of fate dynamics? Or it’s just because of HIM? Since at the same moment i could have spoked with other people on the web, and nothing happened.
    Btw, I think that transits are like seashore, they just help THE things coming your way..
    Here is HIM/me synastry where I added some love asteroids etc, with a 40 deg orbs..not hyper-sure about the minutes he was born, i just know it was 10 am..
    Thanks again, hope this will help you confirming your Nessus studies and looking forward to hear your illuminating advice! πŸ™‚

    1. Amiamiann

      I will come back in a bit to look but post your PB image on my FORUM. That is the place where we can discuss everything. I will ask questions and we can talk back and forth.

  7. AmiMimi

    What does it mean when someone’s nessus conjuncts my vertex? He’s male and I’m female.

    Btw I love your website, it’s very useful. πŸ™‚

    Thanks xx

    1. Amiamiann

      Welcome, Mimi dear and thank you! I would say that he may bring you abuse. I would be careful. Tell me the story. I have a Forum where people can post charts and ask questions, too!

  8. AmiEve.Marie

    Good afternoon,
    OH yes, we feel it strongly, when there is something about Nessus in synastry ! I can only approve this Amian, we feel it , heart and soul and flesh
    With my GILF (Great Impossible Love of my Life lol) there is a Nessus-Dejanira synastry, even more complicated by my Vesta (devotion) , his Chiron (the Healer), his Eros and my Juno ! all on the genesis axis Taurus/Scorpio . That is :
    My Taurus Vesta , conjuncts his Taurus Nessus (I adore my abuser ? )
    opposite my Scorpio Dejanira (conjunct Juno in natal) , who conjuncts his Scorpion Eros , ( conjunct Chiron in natal ) All this in narrow conjonction degrees, less 1Β°5
    its quite obvious to see on the picture of the chart:
    In natal , his wound healer Chiron conjuncts his Eros in Scorp, opposite his Taurus Nessus
    In natal, my Juno conjuncts my Dejanira, opposite my Vesta
    In synastry, all this is exactly conjunct on the same axis . Superposition.
    it has got meaning for me, OMG for sure it has got meaning.
    As for my Nessus , it is conjunct my ASC/ lilith in natal (ouch) , and the 3 conjunct his natal North Node ^^
    I suspect a karmic something… mutual evolution through abnegation and suffering, maybe ? Juno/chiron contacts are very strong too, and for us there is conjonction, besides all the rest . Daydreaming about mental power games, Mystical sex and everything.
    ONE KISS of him in my life, only ONE HOT KISS , and since this day I’ve been living in fantasy about him , night and day. Can’t forget. Seems to be under my skin for ever.
    allo Doctor, is there something to cure me ? (I know this answer, it is “no”)

  9. AmiEve.Marie

    hi Amian,
    Unfortunately, there is no story, this can not be called a story.
    Only a kiss ! and the problem is that I will never who even WHY
    Yet, I don’t think he was drunken or something like that…. Just in the mood of kissing a “nobody” normal girl I suppose, and it was me because I was there at the good moment.
    It could l have been someone else . Could have been anyone who was passing by this evening in Dublin. But what strikes me , is the synastry . Suddenly, what always seemed to me to be only some minutes of delirium from this part, began to make sense when I discovered astrology and how the man impacts my chart. Conjunctions of all axis and everything…
    My conclusion (I have no other explanation in my little brain of nobody girl kissing Sex God ) is that he was a KARMIC tool on my road. The Creator was probably wondering how he could ravage my life, and he decided to use this man for this purpose ?
    I suffer like hell because I am soooo stupid that I had the opportunity to spend the night with HIM this evening, and you know what ? I am soooo stupid I said no thank you and ran away .
    I was very afraid
    End of the story . As you see, it is not a story . Lol
    I am aware a lot of people would say I am the Big Lucky One . Ha ha ha lucky ? really ?
    With a all the tears I shed, I am the living proof that its much better to live happy without having knowing what the Absolute means, than living after having known it and lost it.

    Sorry if I disturb with my “story”, it is just a kind of “self exorcism”, I tell it, not to die unde rthe weight, this is all . This is a BIG secret .

    it was just to talk about Nessus, Dejanira, and all this …..
    And I forgot to say : in the composite between “Sex God kisser of nobody girls” and myself, there is composite Nessus on Algol, exact.

    Good evening, Amiann, Thank you for the site. Kisses from France

  10. AmiEve.Marie

    I’m terribly sorry Amiann, I can not answer. Anyway, it is an old old old story now .
    Now I have a husband and two wonderful children, he is a married old man and father. The rest is an old story. Too much respect for him and his life to answer. Too much respect for MY family too. I’m sorry. Anyway I’m certain he does not even remember me.
    i forgive him totally, absolutely and definitively . It is not his fault if I can not forget him , he wanted to do no harm . Well, I’m not sure it is my fault neither…. but this is not a reason to act undignifully towards him and towards myself , shouting the story everywhere around 19 years later. I’m not this kind of woman at all , I’m sure you understand what I mean.
    I am married with two wonderful children, I love my husband and family, but I can’t forget him, that’s all .
    I still want him and think about him after all these years, I feel guilty but what can I do ? Have humans have any control about this kind of feelings ? Why can’t I put this memory into a kind of pretty little box in my head , and this is all ? Why does the box open constantly, constantly, and makes me suffer so much ?
    Amiann, what do you think about these astrological aspects (Nessus, DΓ©janira, Lilith, etc I told in my first post) ? Do you think they are very toxic and are the reason why I feel so many feelings for this man I knew only a short moment ? Is it an astrological calamity or something like this ? Are they responsible about this kind of addiction I have , remembering unceasingly this moment of my life I ‘d better try to forget ? and why does the fire still burn so hot inside, after all these years ? Was it a”karmic” meeting (for me ) ?
    I ‘m aware it is a lot of questions ….But thank you in advance for your help .
    Kisses from France

  11. Amiamiann

    If you wanted more specific answers, it would really help if you put up charts as it is hard to picture everything from text, my Friend. I love your Hugs from France πŸ˜€

  12. Amiem

    this is sooo interesting. I noticed something in a chart… this person has nessus along side black moon lilith, venus and jupiter and also Orcus in the 11th house in cancer… sounds pretty full on!
    What i have felt is that there is a need for deep delving into the underworld for this person and if they do they are going t o have alot of success with gaining the spiritual rewards held there , but it seems like there would be a real need for them to face this stuff seeing as there are three such strong asteroids there … and incancer with jupiter and venus!!! Im just an amateur , id love your take on it. they are all spread between 9 and 27 degrees so they are spread out in cancer except for jupiter and nessus which is conjunct at 9 degrees. ! would love to hear your insight on this

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