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Never Get Married Without Doing a Chart Reading

182158_387270748006049_495701446_nYour synastry will show your relationship as surely as a blueprint will show the intricate layout of a house. The blueprint of a house is many pages. Each page shows a different aspect of the house like the plumbing, electrical work as well as the style and design. Marriage is a serious prospect. There are many levels of relationships. There is soul mate. There is great relationship. There is good relationship. There is passionate relationship with no soul. There is soulful relationship with no passion. There is the abusive relationship that starts as a grand passion and ends in ashes. All of these can be foreseen by the charts, in my opinion

I think that you have to figure out what is important to you and make sure that the synastry has this. I am a Cancer Moon and Mars. Loyalty is very important to me. A person can have many failings( and we all do) However, someone who will not have your back is someone I don’t want in my life. I learned this lesson when I befriended a Libra Moon. This person thought nothing of cozying up to my worst enemy. I really don’t understand how a “friend” could do this but to him, there was nothing wrong with it. I cut off the friendship and learned a bit more about Moons and loyalty.

When you are looking at a synastry, you have to see what the person’s Moon does to YOUR chart. This would be first before even the Moon sign. The classic aspect for soul mates, to me, is Moon trine Moon. Lesser versions of this would be Moon sextile Moon and Moon conjunct Moon. All of these are wonderful. I just think that Moon trine Moon is the easiest.

Moon trine Moon is the person you meet and just KNOW they will be your best friend. You don’t have to explain your feelings to them. They know. You don’t have to explain your humor to them. They think it is funny, too. You can’t stay mad at them because if you look at each other, you will laugh. If there was a Rolls Royce aspect in any synastry, it would be Moon trine Moon.

Moon sextile Moon is the same thing except one has to work a little harder to pull it out. Moon conjunct Moon is almost like finding your mirror. It is wonderful but sometimes you need someone to pull back and detach. In this case, Moon trine Moon would be better.

I think that if you feel an immediate soul connection with someone, you will have one of the above Moon placements in synastry. One way that I learn about the charts is to feel out a relationship and then check the charts. Books can only take you so far in Astrology. You need to make your life your experimental laboratory.

Now, there are some soul mate relationships which do not have Moon trine Moon or any of the above. However, the Moon does have to be aspected well. There are other ways this can happen. However, the level of true connection will not be the same as the first three, in my opinion. It will be lower. We can’t all have Rolls Royces. There are not enough to go around.

Second level Moon synastry aspects would be Sun conjunct Moon. This is very cozy. There is a feeling of wanting to take care of the other: to nurture the other. There is a feeling that the other person matters. Best friend relationships seem to have this, often.

Moon/Pluto in a conjunction, trine or sextile would be a meeting of the heart with the primal passions. There would be an intuitive understanding of the other. However, it would not be light and breezy like Moon trine Moon. It would be intense like a Rachmaninoff symphony. It would be Ravel’s Bolero, more like it.

Moon trine or sextile Mercury is nice. One person’s mind understands the heart of the other. This is quite intimate as the Mind person knows effortlessly about the heart of the Moon person.

Another factor is House Overlays.. These are a more subtle vibe. There are friend houses and lover houses. If a synastry is one of friend houses, the vibe will not be that intimate and warm as of lover houses. I will explain. certain Houses are very personal such as one’s perfume or one’s idiosyncrasies.Some Houses are very non personal such as ones material possessions, which everyone can see. The 12th House is the most personal. If a person puts his planets into your 12th house, he kind of lives in your subconscious. It is very intimate. If a man puts his planets into your 7th house, he is interested in marriage. If he puts his planets in your 2nd House, he may be interested in your money. If he puts his planets in your 8th house, he wants to go deeply into your emotions and sexuality. So, keep House Overlays in your mind when you look at charts. It is more of a second tier aspect but important, nonetheless, because everything in the chart has value.

The South Node is an important factor in synastry. People major on the North Node and they should. However, the SN is overlooked. I will explain. the SN is our most comfy spot in the whole chart. If a man puts planets here, we feel them and him. It is an intimate spot, as if someone saw you in your ratty PJs. People say that the SN will hold you back and that you should move on from it to your North Node. This may be true but one does not have to let go of old comfys to move on. One can have both, in my opinion.

I have an article about the North Node in synastry. It is one of my most popular.I take many asteroids and planets and tell what I think will happen when these hit the NN in synastry. The NN is very important. It is our life purpose. It is a super important point. Don’ t think other wise. If something bad hits the NN, you will live it, eat it and breathe it for the duration of the relationship. If I saw a real baddie here like Nessus, Sedna, Chiron or Algol, I would not get married. I may not have the strength to leave the relationship just based on a chart but I would not make a commitment from which extricating myself was hard. The NN will play out.

If you are going to get married, you probably have attraction. There are many kinds of attraction. Some are more superficial like Mars/Venus and Uranus/Mars. Some are more soulful like Venus/ Pluto and Moon/Pluto. I will explain the differences in each. If one has a simple love at first sight, it will, probably be, Mars/Venus. If one has a more intense feeling of love at first sight, it will probably be Mars/Uranus. If one’s legs go to jelly and one can barely stand, it will, probably, be Venus/Pluto or Moon/Pluto. Of course, we have asteroids too such as Lilith( raw sexuality), Eros( the erotic), Apollo( worshipful) and others. However, the basics of any chart is always the planets. The asteroids fill in the story that the planets tell. However, on second thought, sometimes the asteroids can be so powerful and so exact that they WOULD trump the planets. One needs to find an Astrologer who will look at one’s chart in exquisite detail, so there are no surprises ( or few)




21 thoughts on “Never Get Married Without Doing a Chart Reading

  1. amiannRuth E Velasco

    I don’t understand. I have a cancer moon. I had a romantic relationship with three men. One had a Pisces moon, one a Virgo moon and one a cancer moon. They all turned out terrible. How do you make sense of this? Could it be some asteroid in their chart or something else? I also value loyalty in a relationship!!!

  2. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    I have been following that ‘moon trine moon’ is your firm favourite for synastry. But i have a story that says otherwise.

    My ex husband (from hell) had moon trine moon with me, by 3 degrees. But he stole my money and abandoned me as well as our 3 month old infant kid. He disappeared without a trace. Later he denied taking my money, disowned his kid and told everyone that i was a prostitute. It was the WORST relationship of my life.

    However, when i met him first it did feel like ‘he was the one’. I felt such emotional warmth to where i married him without checking his background much. But it sooned turned into the worst nightmare of my life!

    Our synastry chart has more red lines than blue lines..Wish i knew some astrology before i married him.

    I am sure ‘Moon trine moon’ works magic under normal circumstances; but not when other aspects scream otherwise i suppose.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Thanks Marion. I have never heard a story like that but I will add it to my understanding. Put up the synastry in my Personal Readings Forum, if you want. Remind me of this conversation if you do. Thank you again, Friend! This is how I learn. I bet there were bad asteroids for betrayal like Sedna, Lie or Swindle. If you put up the synastry, put these in.

  3. amiannmarion

    There were plenty of other oppositions and squares (like venus square saturn etc.) even without the help of asteroids. Moon trine moon probably found it tough to be the sole saviour for the otherwise doomed synastry. Yeah i will put up the synastry in the forum sometime.

  4. amiannmarion

    Yeah Ami you are right. Asteroids CAN speak louder than planets at times when they make exact aspects. His asteroid LIE is exactly conjunct my IC. He wrecked my home/stability with his lies and deception. It trumped over our moon trine moon..omg!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW Marion
      What a classic case for an asteroid. Marion, I have to apologize to you. I deleted your account my accident. I had two people try to get into my website yesterday. I have about 40 trolls try to sign up a day and I just went through all the members and deleted who I thought may be trolls. I am so sorry I deleted you. It was a total accident. Please, register again, my friend and I am very sorry for the hassle!!

  5. amiannMastodon

    I love the IC/MC. All the significant people in my life have had either their Moon, AC, Venus, Sun, or Node conjunct my IC. This should not be overlooked. Definite “at home” instantaneous soul connection. 🙂

  6. amiannjennifer

    Hi Ami,I have a question about house overlays,what would these mean?
    A woman’s sun in a man’s 4th house and his 1rst house
    A woman’s moon in a man’s 8th house and 4rd house

    A man’s venus in a woman’s 5th house
    A man’s mars in a woman’s 8th house

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww The Sun is the identity. The Moon is the heart. venus is the love nature. Mars is the drives and passions. Take these and figure out how they would work in the houses. If you need help, I will help break it down for you more, Jennifer dear.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, the House overlays are kind of secondary to the actual placements, Jennifer. You should come and post your synastry in mt Forum so we can look at the whole charts. Did you know I had a Forum, Jennifer? I am surprised that many people don’t know.

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