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North Node conjunct MC in Sag in 10th House and SN conj IC in Gemini in 4th House

This is a special request from my Sweetie Kanwal. Lets start with the NN conjunct the MC.The NN is our goal, our aspirations. The fact that the NN conjuncts the MC(one’s face to the world and society) show us that Kanwal’s goal is all about career or her place in society. The NN is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is all about adventure. The Sagittarius soul loves to travel in both body and mind. He wants to know the answers to questions about life’s deeper meaning. He wants to know for what purpose he is on the earth. He wants to know why why why? Hence, Kanwal’s life will be about finding the answer to this question in a public setting. She may be a professor. She may be a philosopher. She may travel around the world and teach. However, she will not be locked in a home and be a happy camper. She was made to be out and about sharing a spirit of adventure and sharing it to others in society.

The NN is that to which we aspire. The SN is that which we have attained. We can swagger a bit in the area of our SN as we do it so well( and we know it).Kanwals SN is in Gemini. It is conjunct the IC which means that she is comfortable with her childhood. Her childhood does not seem as if it would be one of terror or abuse. She knows how to be a creature of the home. She is comfortable in the home setting. Gemini as the sign of the IC indicates that her home was an intellectual one. Ideas were plentiful, as was chatting. She would be comfortable with what Gemini rules as Gemini is her SN sign. She would be comfortable with ideas and the exchange of ideas. She would be comfortable socializing. She would be comfortable at cocktail parties where there are lots of casual chatting.

This is how I would look at these two aspects in her chart. Let’s ask her what she thinks. I will put it on here, if she cares to.

2 thoughts on “North Node conjunct MC in Sag in 10th House and SN conj IC in Gemini in 4th House

  1. amianncarmen

    Hi, this was great, I hoped that you might help me with my north node conjunct the midheaven. It is in Aries and my south node is in libra. My tenth house is taurus with aries on the cusp, and respectively, scorpio is my fourth house with libra on the cusp. I would be eternally grateful for your wisdom upon this!, Thank you so much, Carmen

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Carmen. Thank you for your kind words. NN conj the MC would be your goals are social in terms of they will have an impact on society and are lined up with your role as person in society. Aries demands boldness and directness as well as courage and the ability to stand for your principles. SN in Libra means that you are already comfortable with diplomacy and seeking harmony in life by things such as compromise. You are comfortable at home, but not so much in society/career.

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