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North Node in the 8th House in Gemini

If the NN is in the 8th house in Gemini, the South Node is in the 2nd house in Sag. When you analyze this aspect, you have to look at the sign and the house. Both factor in the equation. With this person, she would feel comfortable with the material world(2nd house). She would be adventurous when it came to acquiring material necessities. She would not be afraid that the world would not provide as Sag feels that good luck with shine on her. Material things will, probably, come easily, as well.

The NN is in the 8th house in Gemini. The 8th house is the house of repression. It is Freud’s house, you could say. The 8th house rules all the things one could not say at a cocktail party. It rules anything that hides under the surface. As such, this would be deeply passionate and primal emotions and sexuality. The subject matter of the 8th house would be challenging for this person. Also, we must look at the sign of the NN which is Gemini. Gemini energy will be aspirational for her. Gemini has a light heart. Gemini can be a social butterfly flitting, effortlessly from person to person, at a party, talking about superficial things, but always charming and easy with herself. Gemini is active mentally. She loves words. She has an agile wit. One will find Gemini in the center of the circle entertaining people with her quips. When one’s NN is here, the Gemini energy will be aspirational. It will seem out of reach, but it is not. It is just one’s goal.

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