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Oppositions in the Natal Chart

zebra girlOne of my dear Forum readers , Mel, asked for an article on oppositions in the natal chart. She offered a few. I will start with these. If there is any article you would like me to do, put it on my Comment Form. It is my pleasure to try to write what you would like to read!

These are her suggestions. Add more if you would like.

Aries Sun & Libra Moon, Scorpio Sun & Taurus Moon, Leo Sun & Aquarius Moon, Gemini Sun & Sagittarius Moon, Virgo Sun & Pisces Moon, and Aquarius Sun & Leo Moon. Just a few!


When we look at an opposition, we look at the planets and the signs. Both oppose each other, of course. Oppositions are a see-saw effect. At one point in time, the person is at one end of the see-saw. At another point in time, the person is at the other end. The person is not at both ends at each time. I hate to use the example of a bi-polar person but it serves to help explain. A bi-polar person may be depressed. A bipolar person may be euphoric. There is an up and down quality here. The person is at one pole or the other. I bring this example because people can understand it. One can think of one’s own moods. One may be up. One may be down. With the opposition, one is always on one end or the other. One is on one side of the see-saw or the other, but they are NEVER blended. That is the struggle of the opposition.

Aries Sun & Libra Moon

An Aries Sun and a Libra Moon are in opposition, of course. The Sun is in Aries, the most self centered sign of the Zodiac. The Moon is in Libra, the most other centered sign of the Zodiac. The Sun is in the most self centered sign of the Zodiac. The Moon is in the most co-dependent sign of the Zodiac. One can begin to see the struggle between opposite signs. This is the case with any opposite signs.They always have an opposite nature of some sort. The oppositions have the same Quadriplicity. These are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. The oppositions have a different element but are the SAME in terms of masculine and feminine. This means that oppositions can be Fire opposite Air or water opposite Earth.

In the above case, there is a Fire Sun and an Air Moon. The Aries Sun would be me-centered. It would go after what it wanted, no matter what it took. It would assert itself like a pro. The Libra Moon would be quite different. It is indecisive. It has such a hard time making a decision that it is painful. The Aries Sun makes snap decisions. It’s problem is that it makes decisions too fast while the Libra Moon makes decisions too slowly.In the above case, we have a super go getter ego and a very wishy washy emotional state. Hence, this would be the struggle with this opposition.

Scorpio Sun & Taurus Moon

In this case, we have a smoldering, Fixed sign Sun and a strong, stubborn Fixed Earth sign Moon. The Sun would be stubborn in it’s own way due to it’s Fixed Water nature. The Moon would be stubborn in it’s own way due to it’s Fixed Earth nature. We have a person who is mysterious, yet strong, in his daily life. Inside, he is grounded and strong. The difference in these would be the more closed secretive nature of the ego and the warm, open nature of the heart. This would be his main struggle, as far as I can see. I am open to your opinions if I am missing anything.

Leo Sun & Aquarius Moon

In this case, we have a Fixed Fire Sun and a Fixed Water Moon. The outer nature of the person would be warm and vibrant. The inner nature would be cold and aloof. This would be the main struggle here, as I see it.

Gemini Sun & Sagittarius Moon

We have a mutable Air Sun and a Mutable Fire Moon. Saggi and Gemini seem to go together well. They are both full of fun and kind of easy going. This person would be a what you see is what you get kind of person. On the outside, he would be flirty and fun. He would be friendly, too. Saggi Moon would like his space. He loves adventure and does not like to be tied down. This person may not be the most stable to count on if you need a ride home from the hospital after surgery but he will be there to liven up your Welcome Home party, so save him for that.

Virgo Sun & Pisces Moon,

We have a Mutable Earth Sun and a Mutable water Moon. This seems like a hard one. The Virgo Sun is too anal. The Pisces Moon is too sensitive. This one would not be one to choose if you are planning on reincarnating. This person may be a nerd type. He may prefer the slide ruler to the frisbee. He would be a good worker. He could be counted on if you need help. Virgo is an excellent servant and there is nothing wrong with that. There are few servants in this self centered world.

The Pisces Moon is much too sensitive. It doesn’t matter with which Sun it resides. It is a Moon in severe detriment, in my opinion, due to it’s extreme sensitivity. Picture a strobe light. Most people do not like them. However, to a Pisces Moon, all of life is kind of a strobe light. My heart goes out to them, each and every one!

Aquarius Sun & Leo Moon

This Sun would be aloof and kind of disconnected from people. Aqua Sun loves humanity. It is people she cannot stand. Inside, this person would be very different. Inside is a warm loving, person with a child like attitude to life which is delightful. The struggle would be between the cool nature of the ego and the warm nature of the heart.


This was a very brief look at oppositions. I hoped it helped to answer some questions. Let me know what you think!




51 thoughts on “Oppositions in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Astrologer Grant Lewi, easily the greatest astrologer of all time, said in his classic
    book “Heaven Knows What,” that there wasn’t much difference between squares and
    oppositions in the natal chart. He could have a point. Neptune opposite Sun and Neptune
    square Sun, seen equally self decieved.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I hear you, Lon. I am not in his class, of course. I am a humble 4th year student of Astrology. However, I see them as quite different. The square energy is locked in. It can’t be changed other than a miracle and that would be Jesus, imo. The opposition is a see-saw. It goes back and forth. It is not nearly as hard as a square. How is your dad, btw?

      1. amianntmo

        I was talking about natal aspect for any individual. I cant find any satisfactory explanations on the web and you always explain things clearly on this site. I wanted to to know about Mars-Lilith aspects just like I understand Mars-Pluto aspects.

      1. amiannLesley

        Yes, Ami,
        My friend has left the Church. He hurt John and Christine, as he let them know he was leaving in a 3 sentence text message. I don’t know his reasoning, as I could never quite figure him out. He is different. From the beginning, I always felt something was happening behind the scenes regarding me. Somebody let it slip that if he would have stayed I would have been “part of the package” I don’t know, my instincts always left me uneasy. Very many mixed messages. The attraction never totally left me, so it might be better if I never see or hear from him again. Never had an experience like it before. I wonder if I was, in some way, being encouraged to have feelings by some of the people around me(just my feelings).

          1. amiannLesley

            It started out so Good and ended with the worst possible results. Can a soulmate be your abuser? He could have killed me. I think God protected me from the inevitable and He led me to contact you when I did. I don’t think that I could have said no to him. Thank you very much for literally protecting me from myself.

  2. amiannferryleaf

    Since I brought up asteroid Valentine in the Pholus article, and since Valentine is my favourite asteroid, I was hoping you’d do an article dedicated just to it! <3 <3 <3

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Sorry, tmo. Thanks for telling me again. I will write a whole article on it since I forgot it.You mean Pluto in Scorpio so Pluto conj the DSc right? I will wait to write it until I hear from you.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Dear Ami,
    My father is the original Scrooge. I can’t blame him though, because that’s how he was
    raised. You could say, he exceeded the expectations for a person so abused. Like many
    of his day, he was the first generation offspring of Polish/Russian/Jewish emmigrents to
    this land. He grew up in a very tense home that was peppered with Yiddish slang expressions.
    He came from a poor home and had to skimp and struggle for everything. It was a large
    family. He was the oldest male and was singled out for abuse. I don’t know the full story of
    his early years because the memories are especially painful, and my mother wanted to keep
    me away from that side of the family. Let’s just say very vulgar.
    He’s 89 going on 90. He’s better then most at his age, but has always been a Virgo
    hypocondrach. The poor man also has his Moon in Virgo, so you can understand that it
    didn’t mesh well with my late mother’s Pisces Sun and Cancer Moon placements.
    He wanted to be the percise opposite of his irresponsible Leo father but went to such an
    extreme that he trapped himself in a loveless marriage for 63 years.

  4. amiannLesley

    Hi Ami,
    I was just thinking, and I do think a lot. I know that the planets are supposed to be stronger than the asteroids in the natal and synastry charts, but I am beginning to believe the opposite is true. There can be wonderful synastry between two people, but an asteroid like Nessus can cancel all of that. I believe the asteroids are the deepest part of charts. Another example is my mom and me, our charts are quite compatible, but I have Moon conjunct Nemesis natally, and she truly is an enemy to me. (again VERY deep and personal). This cuts deeper to me than anything. Also, with Nessus, does the Nessus person actually see the planet person as HIS victim? And does the planet person or the Nessus person feel the most attracted(I think it may be the planet person).


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      GREAT questions, Les. I have Moon conj Nemesis, too. It is awful! The Nessus person feels an uncontrollable urge to abuse the planet person imo. The planet person is super attracted. The planet person may be more attracted. I am not sure about that. I think the Nessus person is attracted too. I would need more input to see if the planet person was more attracted or if it was mutual.

      1. amiannLesley

        I am in reflection mode, as I am looking back at the situation with the guy from church. We had some good stuff in synastry: moon sextile, venus sextile, venus/mars square, and my Lilith sat right on his Sun, among other things. The problem was his Nessus was EXACTLY conjunct my Venus. He is gone, but I am ashamed to say that part of me wants to see him again. Which reflects back to my theory that asteroids are super POWERFUL! I think only time will take this away. To want a man that I KNOW will abuse me, just doesn’t make sense. This must be a once in a lifetime experience, but I’m sure that I am not alone in it.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          One of my dearest friends has it, too, and I have been there, as well, so I bet we are more common than we think. It may be from childhood abuse and not valuing ourselves. What do you think, Lesley?

          1. amiannLesley

            I have had this recurrent theme of rejection beginning from a very early age. I don’t feel all that close to my family and was always trying to please people to try and get them to approve of me even if I didn’t like them. I was never heard in my family(Mother), again with Echo conjuncting my MC closely! Those asteroids! My appearance was always commented on mostly negatively (again mother). This, to me, is abuse.
            My feeling is the need for being cherished in love is so strong in me that I make the man the center of everything and forget that I am not taking care of myself. Almost as if the man is doing me a favour by wanting me despite my imperfections. I think that people see that as desperation and attack it. Some feelings are so strong that they can’t be hidden.

          2. amiannLesley

            I know. What’s the saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. All I know is that when I get to Heaven I will have a few questions for Him and He had better have some good answers for me LOL!!!

  5. amiannLon Spector

    One of the main problems people have is that they don’t “Seek The Kingdom Of
    Heaven, FIRST.” They have their pirioties all twisted backwards. The people that
    use and exploit you are COUNTING on it.
    A person complains about “lack.” But the only “lack” MOST people suffer from in a
    first world country, is lack of a percieved connection with God. Most people certainly
    have food, clothing and shelter. They are NOT in immanet danger of dying unless they
    are VERY poor and out on the street in Janurary. They think that their passing “addictions”
    will “save” them. These addictions could be to anything. Sex, gambling, food etc..
    They DON’T save you. They ONLY string you along, until the exploiters rob you of EVERY
    nickel! MOST people ARE exploiters. It’s just a question of whether they are conscious
    exploters or uncoscious exploiters. Evil people are conscious exploiters. Troubled people are
    unconscious exploiters.

  6. amiannLon Spector

    The term is called being “asleep.” But you don’t know you HAVE been asleep until
    you wake up! That’s why THE REAL MIRICLE is a changed heart and soul!

  7. amiannLon Spector

    That’s why, with regard to people, 99% of awoken people feel so alone.
    Because 99% of “the world’s” population IS ASLEEP. We literally don’t speak the same
    language as them.

  8. amiannMel

    Thank you for doing this Ami 🙂

    My grandfather was the Aries/Libra. Everyone was drawn to him. He was the guy you went to for help. People always described him as “fair.” He was a cowboy, served in WWII, and was a firefighter who suffered 2 heart attacks. I think if there was any indecision, it was in regards to letting my opinionated grandmother “wear the pants”

    I can attest to the debilitated Scorp/Taurus. If complex people with issues were knotted yarn. She was a very small, very tightly knit ball, with no beginning and end, that you wouldn’t know where to start with… Selfish, insecure, materialistic and callous. She finally found a love and has softened up quite a bit. Don’t you dare cross her though.

    Leo/Aqua is the most popular loner you will ever meet. And she knows EVERYTHING. I can’t stand getting into debates with her. You will lose. End of story.

    Gem/Saggi is my belligerent blunt little sister. She sees through everything. Especially men you are romantically interested in. She’s nice enough to censor herself while in the offenders’ presence, unless you piss her off. And she’s a flake. Surprise!

    Virgo/Pisces has SEVERE anxiety, and is always sick because of it. There’s no comforting her when she’s upset either… Just let her make herself miserable, and then tell you about how miserable she is. I had a guy friend with this placement too. Same thing- he just kept it under wraps.

    Aqua/Leo is meeeeee! I love people, but I also kind of think I’m better than them.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW Mel

      That was so interesting. I am glad it helped. The subject was so big that when I started writing, I was not sure what to do. Did you have any more questions?

      1. amiannMel

        I love how you verbalize the signs and placements, yes thank you.

        I’m curious about the stressful energies of the square or opposition affects people for better or for worse

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Thank you, Mel dear!

          Well, I think the square is something one must accept as one must accept parts of oneself one does not like. I do not think the square will really change. One has to work around it. If one has fat legs, one wears pants. That kind of thing lol

          The opposition is kind of like going up and down with something. Sometimes, you are on one side. Sometimes, you are on the other. This would be a back and forth kind of thing almost like an indecision. One day, you feel positive, the next day you feel negative etc

  9. amiannLon Spector

    I like an optimistic life-affirming view of the world. But my genetic inheritance is
    negitivity and selfpity. Could that be Pluto in the first house?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, Pluto in the first is a power position of a leader etc. It is a position of confidence such as the demeanor of a cop or a really good teacher who can command respect from the class. My English Prof client has it and she gets the respect of the class.

  10. amiannLon Spector

    I also heard that Pluto in the 1st can churn up a lot of waste, but has a hard time ridding
    themself of it. Like an overflowing sewer.

  11. amiannLon Spector

    When I was a toddler I lived in Miami Beach for a time. My father’s government work
    took us all over. My mom would take me into the sea with her, she would hold me in her
    arms. My father recalled that I would excrete little “presents” that would float on the
    waves at other beach goers. That’s Pluto in the !st for you!

  12. amiannLon Spector

    I was too young to know what I was doing. I had no control.
    You should read Alan Leo’s assesment of Pluto in the first house in his classic book
    “The A To Z Horoscope Maker.”

  13. amiannKatie

    I have a Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon 😀 I am very fun and adventurous, but also love my space and being an individual. We can be a bit scatterbrained and a bit forgetful…so I write a list of important things to remember…I am pretty dependable 😉

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