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People Seem To Want To Learn More About Dejanira

hands over mouthI see many requests to learn how to make Dejanira practical. I am so direct because so many Astrology websites are a dense chicken soup. They talk and talk but make no practical sense. This is worse with asteroids. My goal is to make each asteroid such that one can plug it into one’s chart and come away with practical information. Let’s see if we can do that with Dejanira.

First of all, one does not want Dejanira touching pivotal parts of the chart. If it does, you can be sure that that person has been through a world of pain. The closeness of the orb is key. An exact conjunction is nuclear level worse than a 2-3 degree conjunction. This is a general rule with all asteroids.

Pivotal parts would be the Sun, Moon, ASC, DSC, IC, MC, North Node,Mercury, Venus or Mars. In this list, some would be worse than others. The hardest place for Dejanira to touch is the Moon. I cringe when I see this, literally. I have only seen it in the charts of females. That does not mean it is only in the charts of female. That has just been my experience.

Dejanira conjunct the Moon fractures the person. Think of literal glass breaking. This woman has a world of hurt such that she could scream and never stop like that famous painting, “The Scream”. This position is, usually severe abuse. It is often sexual abuse.The Moon is one’s most sensitive point. It is one’s innocent child’s heart. We, all, have one. Anything that touches your Moon touches you the deepest.

If I had to think of the second hardest placement for Dejanira, I would put Deja conjunct the North Node. This is because the NN is one’s purpose in life. It is what one is supposed to master. If one has to master Dejanira, one will have to live it.

Dejanira is the victim with no voice. Dejanira has given up to such a degree that she lies down and is raped. She does not protest. She does not try to defend herself. Her level of surrender is to the point of soul surrender. This is terribly sad. You can see Dejanira in the faces of abused children. It is an asteroid you don’t want to deal with, but we don’t choose our charts.

Dejanira conjunct Venus would make a person victimized in love. This person may be successful and competent when it comes to career. Many women are successful in their careers but victims in their love lives. One friend made a huge decorating business, from nothing. She became a huge success, such that she was considered for huge level projects such as airports and sports stadiums. However, when it came to love, she was victimized. We have all seen this kind of thing. I would bet that many of these people have Deja conjunct Venus. If you have any information on this, please put it on my Comment Form.

If one has Dejanira conjunct Mars, I am not quite sure to make of this. I know that Deja conj Pluto KEEPS someone from being a victim. I have it. I never let people bully me. Pluto is a strong planet and protects Deja. Hence, my guess is that Mars will do the same. I need your input on this.

Deja conjunct the DSC is another sad state of affairs. This person would look for a victim in the partner. Anything that conjuncts the DSC is what we look for in the partner.

Deja conjunct the Sun would, probably, make the person have the identity of a victim. This is not the person’s fault. No natal chart placement is the person’s fault. Only god knows why. Deja conjunct the ASC may be worse than Deja conjunct the Sun. The Sun could give some level of protection to Deja because the Sun is a strong, yang planet.

Deja conjunct the ASC would be a very vulnerable position. This may be the third hardest Deja position after the Moon and the NN.

As you can see, I need your input. If you have searched the web for info on Deja, you have not found it. That is why I wrote this article. When I Google, I see that people are asking this question. I hope that we can find the answers together.

I will leave the article, as is. I look forward to your Comments and the discussion that will, hopefully, ensue. People need to help each other in the continuing quest to understand the wonders and the magic of Astrology.




28 thoughts on “People Seem To Want To Learn More About Dejanira

  1. amiannDiana

    Hi Ami,

    It’s so great that you frequently include the asteroids in your posts. I only recently discovered your site and am new to them (asteroids). So here’s what I can contribute.
    My best Friend has Dejanira conjunct her moon exactly and Nessus conjunct her IC. She was sexually abused in her childhood by a member of the family. She is a strong, positive Woman but until today she struggles with her relationship with men and I fear she may never overcome this. It pains me so much, as I love her fiercely (i’m a Leo moon ;-)). How can anyone do this to an innocent soul?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Thank you, Diana. I know, about the cruelty to children. One of my Forum members put up her chart and I cried. Her father decimated her so much. She is a lovely person. She gave her life to God and God made a lovely vessel out of the broken one. I think God can heal anything. The walk is not easy or fast, though. I am sorry your friend went through that, Diana. The Nessus conj her IC is a classic sign. Isn’t it? It is there in black and white. Deja conj the Moon exact is the single hardest aspect in the entire chart, I think. Did she have to seek therapy, etc? How did she deal with it? Did she become a Borderline PD? This is what I see, in most cases, sadly 🙁

  2. amiannScorpRising

    My Dejanira is conjunct my Ascendant EXACT.
    I have been raped, molested, sexually abused, physically abused, emotionally abused etc. You name it.

    Such a horrid aspect, really.

    1. amiannamiann Post author


      Astrology never lies. Your Pluto there will help you have the strength to deal with this better than someone else. You CAN rise from the ashes. Pluto will make it so. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me. I am so sorry for what you went through. I was molested by my mother. I wrote some fiction on it. Would you like me to link it for you?

  3. amiannannammilano

    hello – I have an exact conjunction of dejanira to my sun. the sun (11th house taurus) is also in opposition to a uranus/moon (5th house scorpio) conjunction. sadly i can really understand very well, why dejanira is the asteroid of abuse. it made me so sad, when i discovered it … what do you think about my constellation?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Annammilano!
      You can post your chart in my Forum and we could look better. However,let me see if I can address your questions here. Sun oppose Moon makes it hard for your emotions and head to work together. Your mind prolly fights your feelings. You prolly go back and forth between the two. Moon conj Uranus may be great pain with the mother cuz the mother may have been unstable. It may have been mental illness or she was not present for you. Deja conj the Sun exact would be very hard. Your ego and confidence prolly really, really suffers. I have not seen it conj a Sun but many moons. Please tell me how you feel it? Thanks so much and so glad to have you here, Anna!

  4. amiannMimi

    Hey Amiann! 🙂

    It’s Mimi again. I wanted to ask what it mean if my Dejanira conjuncts someone’s Pluto, and what it mean if my Chiron conjuncts their Dejanira?

    Thanks xx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Your Deja conj their Pluto may make you the victim and they could overwhelm you wih their primal power. With your chiron conj their Deja, I expect this relationship would get close very, very fast and then break up over a small nothing incident and not be able to get back. That would be my opinion, Mimi dear.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Sarah and thank you!
      I would say that you would have to really struggle against being a victim. Does this fit and please tell me about yourself!

      1. amiannSarah

        Well it’s something I saw in the chart of my two months old daughter and was wondering if I could prevent any bad things happening to her like it happened to me.
        She has this saturn dejanira 1° conjunction in 8th house.
        And I noticed her dad (my fiancee) has mars dejanira 2° conjunct in 9th house – dejanira is on the 9th house cusp. What’s interesting is that he was physically abused by his former “true” love he fought.

  5. amiannSarah

    Again thank you for your aticles Amiann ! It’s one of them – the one about chiron that helped to have the courage to get out of a toxic and draining long-term relationship.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You made my day, Sarah dear! Thanks so much for commenting. About your daughter, I think she will have to struggle against being a victim but Saturn does allow one to come out of it as a reward for the struggle, so this is good!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Sarah, if one knows the charts of loved ones, one can support the person and do all one can so bad consequences don’t happen. It is truly a Divine Tool!

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          Sarah, if one knows the charts of loved ones, one can support the person and do all one can so bad consequences don’t happen. It is truly a Divine Tool!

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