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People Who Cannot Learn From Experience

524086_374499522616505_169480921_nI think we all know people who cannot learn from experience. They stay at a childlike maturity level. They seem immune to ever growing in a way that people do when they learn from mistakes. I always try to look for answers in the charts.

I do learn from experience even though I will need to screw up enough to feel the pain. However, I can learn. .What makes me able to learn but someone else unable to learn?

I have to call up one of my most written about aspects—-Mercury combust the Sun. The Sun is the strongest burning planet in the solar system. The Sun does not do well to be burning down on another planet. Mercury is a sensitive planet. The human mind is sensitive. Remember the phrase,” I am a human being. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate.” Humans cannot take a great deal of stress without breaking. The Sun shines brightly. It burns up things. The Sun combust Mercury burns up Mercury. Mercury goes kind of coo-coo when it is very close to the Sun. I don’t know how else to say but to say it.

With the combust, every degree counts. One can think of a short man where every inch of height would count. He may wear lifts or high heels. He hates being short and so will go to great lengths to raise himself a precious inch. The combust is like that. The exact combust is a person who is trapped in himself. He is trapped in his own thoughts. He is trapped in his own body. He can’t SEE that it is not all about him. The other person may be a jerk. The other person may be having a bad day. This is not part of his equation. He circles and circles within his own mind as a prisoner trying to find the spoon to dig out of his cell. However, with the combust, he is unlikely to find it.

The combust is one of the hardest aspects in the natal chart. I don’t feel that people recognize this. My teachers are the charts and the charts show me this. So, the first aspect I would look to for people who cannot learn from mistakes is the combust.

After this, I would have to say a water void or low water. Low water would be generational planets in water, but no personal planets. People with low water tend to be clueless. I hate to be so blunt but how are you going to learn if I mince words? Water is empathy. Water is connecting with others. Water is picking up subtext. Subtext is what goes on under the surface. Picking up subtext is key to living a functional life. If you miss cues, you are going to be socially inept. Again, I hate to be so blunt but I do it, so as to impart something of value to my readers. A person with low water would be the least likely to learn from experiences. Each void carries it’s own problems. Low water is low connection to others.The Water Void person truly does not “get it”.

The hardest mental aspects are Mercury conjunct, square or oppose Uranus and Mercury conjunct, oppose ot square Neptune. It is hard to say that these people CANNOT learn from experience but these aspects make for a specific kind of clouding of reality. Mercury/Uranus makes for a buzzing head that won’t stop. It feels like constant chattering, constant noise. Mercury/Neptune makes for living in a dream world. How can one break away from these? To me, the only answer is God. God can overcome the charts and that is the only thing that can, in my opinion.

I will explain more about Mercury/Uranus and Mercury/Neptune.

If the Sun burns up what it touches, Uranus “buzzes it out”. Uranus is the planet of electricity. Electricity buzzes up wires and that is what Uranus does to the rather delicate Mercury. Uranus confers brilliance, too. If there is one planet which will make the mind brilliant, it is Uranus. The trines and sextiles give an easier flow of Uranus electricity, so do not tend to make the person unbalanced. The conjunction, square and opposition can do this, however.That is the down side of Uranus.

Even with the hard aspects, these people will be brilliant but there will be a large price to pay, in my opinion. With Mercury/Uranus aspects, every degree counts toward the intensity. Exact aspects are very, very intense. Mercury/Uranus is not in the category that natives cannot learn from experience, per se. However, natives can get “very buzzed” This may make them go into a world of their own making. In this sense, they may not be able to learn from experience.

Mercury/Neptune confers great creativity, sensitivity and psychic skills. The trines and sextiles do this with no bad effects, shall we say. However, the conjunction, square and opposition can put people in a dream world. They can put people into a world of delusions, deceptions and addictions. One has to watch this if one has close orbs. Mercury/Neptune would not be in the category of not being able to learn from experience, per se. It would more be that they go into a world of fantasy. Hence, they may not perceive reality clearly. The closeness of the orbs is key here, too.

12th House planets may play a role, too. The 12th House is the House of Suppression. 12th House planets are the hardest placements one can have in the chart, bar none. The planet that goes into the 12th House turns it’s back on reality, in a sense. It becomes like a child in the corner, facing the wall. It takes tremendous, almost Herculean effort to turn oneself around. Each 12th house planet has a certain role in the natives life. The Moon is one’s heart. A 12th House Moon makes it very hard for one to express oneself. A 12th House Mars make it very hard to assert oneself. A 12th House Sun makes it very hard for one to put forth one’s ego. If it is a 12th house Mercury, one has a hard time communicating. One feels insecure about communicating. If one has a 12th House Pluto, one may live a double life. If one has a 12th House Uranus, one may have a hidden kinky life. If one has a 12th House Venus, one may be very afraid to love. If one has a 12th House Saturn, one may feel very isolated as a child who cannot join the crowd but wants to do so, very badly. Hence, the 12th House may make one very insular, in the manner of an introvert. One may be too wrapped up in one’s pain to learn from experience.

Saturn may play a role here in that it can confer insecurity. Saturn can make one feel as if he has to be perfect to have anything. If Saturn touches the Sun, one may feel that lack of confidence in one’s career. One may feel as if one cannot assert oneself in his career or other places where a strong ego is needed. If Saturn touches the Moon, one may feel insecure about one’s emotions. One may feel as if he is inherently bad or unworthy. If Saturn touches Venus, one may feel as if one is not worthy of love because one is not perfect enough. If Saturn touches Mercury, one may feel as if one is not smart enough. If Saturn touches Pluto, one may feel as if he can’t access his primal core. This seems to make one cruel. If Saturn touches Jupiter, one may not feel a joy in living. Hence, Saturn can cloud reality in a different way. It can make one feel as if one is more unworthy than other people. This is a deception and may keep one locked into oneself and hence not able to change without great struggle. Again, to me, the only way to overcome the chart is God. The chart is material. God is spiritual. The spiritual realm is stronger than the material realm. I don’t think one can overcome the chart by mental effort or “just plain trying”

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it has helped you to understand your own chart, as that is always my goal.






13 thoughts on “People Who Cannot Learn From Experience

  1. amiannRuth E Velasco

    I have mercury in my sun sign Sagittarius. It’s true that I can’t give or take directions. My question is what makes a person a flake? Several people have called me one, and it hurts my feelings.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Ruth! So nice to hear from you> Thanks for telling me about Merc in Saggi. Well, a flake? Hmm, this article would not be a flake, per se. Let me think about that lol

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