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People Who Trigger You

goth in woodsI watch anything that happens from an astrological perspective. If someone seems to be riding my azz, to say it simply, I will try to find out the person’s chart. The foremost person who seems to ride me is someone with low water or a water void. The water void would be a classic one but low water would be next. The reason must be my Cancer moon as an exact conjunction with the MC. My Cancer Moon is close to Unaspected so it is stronger. The Unaspected planet is kind of like a neon light. The MC position means I must show my heart to the world. I have no choice but I really don’t mind. It feels fated.

My Cancer Moon conjunct the MC kind of defines me. You need to find your strongest planetary placements because they define you. If you have a planet conjunct the ASC or MC in an exact conjunction, this will define you. The ASC position shows more in your daily life. The MC position shows more in your career.

An Unaspected Planet will define you, too. This planet will push to the front of the line and be seen. You do have the choice to bury it but it will not be buried easily. It will thrust itself forward so you can express it. If you have an Unaspected Planet, write on my Comment Form. It is one of my special areas of interest.

I have an Unaspected Venus. If this planet squares someone’s Saturn, the person will not like me. The funniest thing that ever happened was my Unaspected Venus making someone’s T Square into a Grand Cross. Talk about two people who could not be near each other. It was like two magnets when you try to push the same poles together.

I think it is fair to say that some people don’t like us( based on nothing). Some people love us. One can go to the chart and see why this happens. Once again, it will teach you more about yourself and Astrology, in general, which is always the goal.

16 thoughts on “People Who Trigger You

  1. amiannferryleaf

    I have an Unaspected Venus.

    🙁 That makes me want to almost cry. 😉

    Venus should NEVER be alone! Never! D’x <-(sobbing 😉 )
    It would just…get so lonely! :'(

    *hugs your Venus*

  2. amiannLon Spector

    I very glad to finally meet a person who understands that people DON’T need a
    rational, or clearly defined reason to HATE. Sometimes, people can just hate you
    because of the affect you have on them. This is sad and unfair. I have Pluto in the 1st,
    and many people are somewhat disturbed by me, and others are openly hostile.
    Only the Grace of God-thus far-has prevented a “tragic” event from happening.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, I am learning lessons, Lon. Good point about the hate. I have to figure out how to handle it. I think you have to beat people off you to the extent that they won’t try it again. If you are nice, they won’t stop.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Generally, the way to deal with haters is to raise above their level and not get
    involved in “tit for tat games.” Then, you will not be “at home” for their infantile attacks.
    Good doesn’t fight evil, because it never interacts with evil.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, I think my thing was to LEARN to fight back and know that I could. I used to be strong as a teen. I had good boundaries and would stand up for myself. Then, I lost that. I needed to get it again. I think if someone will not stop bothering you, you sometimes need to get in their face and make them realize there is a consequence. Usually, just exposing what they are doing will do it. Usually, these people want to act like jerky creeps in the dark. That is mostly all it takes.
      What do you think of this, Lon?

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