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Personal Requests for Venus/Mars Combos

Personal Requests

green girl

Sue —Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Taurus

We have the infamous Venus in Scorpio which seems to trump the Mars, when it comes to love. What I mean, in a practical sense, is that this native may feel frozen when she wants to go after a guy. She will have a great deal of passion, as that is the nature of Venus in Scorpio. However, even the most assertive Mars sign, such as Scorpio, seem to freeze under the intensity of this Venus. In matters of career and other areas of assertion, this Venus does not seem to come into play. Then, the Mars will act according to it’s nature. So, I would say that this combo may make a person freeze when it comes to being assertive in love matters. However, in other matters, this combo could set goals and work slowly and steadily to attain them.

Alyssa— Mars and Venus in Libra

This is an interesting one because Mars is in it’s Detriment and Venus is in it’s Domicile. The one thing I will say for Venus in Libra is that she is REFINED. This does not go well with my Venus in Gemini, which is always up for a laugh, even at the most inappropriate times. What can I say? I am honest 😀 Venus in Libra is naturally gracious, naturally considerate and has a effortless refinement. She does not like coarse jokes( or anything coarse) This Venus may not be uber sexual. I am not sure about that. It seems to be the case in some I have seen, but I would need to ask the people with this placement.

As far as the combo, Mars in Libra can’t decide things easily. This is a very wavering Mars. Most likely, any decision would have a strong wavering about it. Hence, this indecision to the personality would be one of it’s biggest struggles. Any planet in the Detriment or Fall comes under the category of a struggle for the person, in my opinion.

To make this combo practical, the native would have a great deal of trouble making the decision to choose a partner and all the various decisions that go with love. However, she would be so refined and gorgeous about it, that one would excuse it!

Bonnie— Venus and Mars in Pisces

This native would be very romantic. She would have a gentle spirit. She would be kind. She would feel the suffering of others. The struggle for this person would be with goals. She is not a hard, aggressive person as many jobs demand. She is not that goal oriented, as many careers demand. Her forte would be in more of a laid back setting where she could nurture. She would be best in a setting that dealt with the hearts and souls of people such as counseling. I don’t see this combo being in a hard driving corporate setting. She would be a wonderful healer, as well.

Kevin--Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer

OK, Kevin, I will take you out of grandpa’s sedan. A Venus in Scorpio does not belong in an old man car. I will say that I think you would be frozen when it comes to love though. Venus in Scorpio seems to freeze people with the pure intensity of it. Mars in Cancer is in the Fall, so that would not help any. I will take you out of the old man car but I still feel that goals and assertion of any nature would be hard. You may put your emotions into your stomach, as well. This could be mitigated, if you had a very strong Pluto. If not, I would stick with the above.

Melanie–Venus in Pisces and Mars in Gemini

This would be a very sensitive person. She may write poetry. If not, she appreciates it. She would not be a super go getter. She may find it hard to stick to goals, as well. She may start one goal and then another shinier one may float by. She will be temped to leave the first goal and attach onto the second This may become a way of life for her, such that she can look back and se she did not stick to goals. This may produce a regret.

Deira—Venus in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio

Venus in Cancer loves home more than anything. She loves anything that has to do with the home such as home decor and cooking. She is probably happiest in her own cozy home doing one of the many home activities. This combo makes for an assertive person. She can go after what she wants. She can do it in kind of an effortless way. This Mars is in it’s Home. As such, one can make goals and follow through. This person is a sexy animal!

WillCapricorn venus and Leo Mars

This is a go getter duo. Capricorn venus likes the finest things in life. Don’t take him out to McDonalds and shopping at the thrift store. He likes fine food and the other fine things in life. He values quality. He will not be attracted to a skanky girl.(I know. I am too honest) The girl for this Venus has to have a refined and dignified manner about her. Leo Mars makes this guy a go getter and he will stick to his goals. He will do them in a larger than life way that makes others envious. He just looks so good when he does anything. This duo has power written all over it.

LesleyVenus in Taurus and Mars in Leo

This is an interesting combo because it is kind of opposite. Venus in Taurus likes the simple life. She could live on a farm, grow her own food and dress in jeans and a flannel shirt. However, Mars in Leo likes to live large and show off while she does it. Mars in Leo likes to do what she does with F-L-A-S-H. Hence, in this case, she would go after her goals with strength and style. However, she would be attracted to the simpler things in life,too. This is somewhat of a contradiction but does fit if one separates the parts. She loves the simple things but her way of going after goals has a lot of style, flash and glamor.

Caelan—Venus in Virgo and Mars in Leo

This Venus is in the Fall. Hence, love will tend to be harder than for another Venus sign. The struggle with this Venus is to want perfection. They can’t help it. It is how they are wired. They, also, are very sensitive to tastes and smells. Again, they cannot help this. Hence, this Venus has to try to realize that no lover is perfect. That will be the biggest struggle with this Venus. Mars in Leo can go after a goal. He can stick to it. Hence, this duo could go after a guy or girl. He could chase. He would look glam while doing it. However, when he got the person, he would struggle when he saw the flaws, which will eventually emerge. I am not sure if you are a male or a female, so I wrote it in a generic way.

Nick—Venus in Taurus and Mars in Gemini

This person loves the simple things of life. He does not need fancy clothes, cars etc. He, probably, would like a rugged 4 wheeler. He loves home cooked meals and comfortable clothes. He does not like to be in a tux. It would feel like he was buttoned up in a kind of prison. Sticking to goals is hard. This Mars can flit from one thing to another. He will start a goal with great vigor but when it gets boring, he will want to move to a new one. He may look back and feel regret that he did not achieve what he would have liked.

Jamie-Cancer Venus and Libra Mars

You love anything that has to do with the home. You, probably, love home decorating and cooking. You, probably, like to cook from scratch and even bake your own bread and projects like this. You do have a lifelong struggle when it comes to decisions, though. It is very hard for you to make up your mind about anything. This is not your fault. It is Mars in the Fall. You are, probably, attracted to down to earth guys. You don’t need fancy restaurants and trips. Home is your favorite place. Your biggest struggle is in making a decision and sticking to it, without badly second guessing yourself.

Anna-– Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini

You will go after a guy if you are interested. You are not really shy in this way. However, with the Mars in Gemini, you may not stick to goals. You may go from one thing to another. This could go for any kinds of goals–work, hobbies, or anything you desired. You may look back and wish you had stuck to one course and had more to show for it.

Anna’s guy-Aries Venus and Mars

This man will be very sexy. Mars conjunct Venus in any sign is sexy. Venus in Aries is the kind of guy who needs to be chased. However, with that Mars in Aries, I am not sure what that would do. I really need your input here, Anna, because I have not seen this situation. Which overpowers which? The Venus or the Mars? If I take a page from the Scorpio Venus, I would think that the Venus overpowers the Mars. Hence, I think he would need to be chased 😀

Amy–Scorpio Venus and Libra Mars

This is a situation with Venus in the Detriment and Libra in the Detriment, as well. I would say that this native would have a great of deal of passion and intensity when it comes to love. I bet she would feel like a volcano and it would not feel pleasant. The hard thing about this Mars is that it can’t make up it’s mind very well. It is very self doubting when it comes to decisions. I would think that this Venus/Mars duo may tend to stew, stew, stew.

Barbara-Venus in Leo and Mars in Scorpio

This gal would go after what she wanted and look glam, glam,glam when doing it. This is a top level combo. This Venus likes the finer things in life but they have to be large. Can we say diamonds? This Venus will probably not be seen in an old tee shirt and bedroom slippers. She will look as great hanging around the house, as she does when she goes out on the town. This combo will be a go getter, whether it be that cute guy or that great job!

Barbara’s Boyfriend–Venus in Saggi and Mars in Aqua

This man love adventure. He hates when things get dull. He loves games, all kinds of games. He loves shoes and boots. Venus in Saggi loves all things related to legs. Mars in Aqua is a broad minded person who is very fair. I have noticed that this Aqua position has a true sense of justice, not the all talk and no action of many Aqua positions. This man can set a goal and reach it. He can stay the course. This is a good combo, as well!

Diana–Venus and Mars in Cancer( exact)

An exact conjunction of Venus and Mars in any sign makes for a very sexy person. Charisma is out the whazzo with this conjunction. Lucky you, Diana! You love all things that have to do with the home. You, probably, love to decorate and to cook home cooked means. You, probably, have a hard time with any kind of assertion. You may feel guilty for having your needs. You may put emotions into your stomach. Mars in cancer finds change to be very hard, as well. I know because I have it 😀

Diana’s question–Venus and Mars in Gemini

I am not sure if this was for a male’s chart. I will do it, as if it is. He will be a flirt. Venus in Gemini is the flirt of the Zodiac. He loves social things. He, probably, has a large group of people with whom he can chat. He is a delightful companion. When it comes to setting and meeting goals, he falls behind. This Mars is mutable. It can be too easy going, if we want to say that. He can be too casual. Hence, he may not stick to goals. He may have vigor in which to begin a goal but lose it when a shinier goal seems to come by.

For Marion–Venus in Libra and Mars in Virgo in a female

Venus in Libra is a refined person. Know that one fact every, single time you see Venus in Libra. This person does not like coarse behavior or bathroom jokes. Mars in Virgo is very good with details and so needs work and goals that deal with details such as a secretary or accountant, for example.Mars in Virgo is mutable, so may not be the most go getter kind of person but what she does will be done to perfection.

Alvin—Venus in Cancer and Mars in Gemini

You would love the home and everything connected with the home. You would like to decorate it and make it cozy. You may like to cook, particularly making things from scratch. You may love children, as well. As far as goals, it may be hard to stick to a goal. You may get pulled away from your current goal by another goal which seems more interesting or more fun. You may get bored of routine work, quite easily.Boredom may be one of your biggest struggles.

For Barbara–Venus in Cap and Mars in Saggi for a guy

This guy would dress really well. He will look as if he has expensive taste, even if he does not have an expensive budget. He values quality. If a girl acts cheap, that is the end, for him. He needs a woman who is refined and acts in a very dignified manner. He is very sensitive to people acting in an unbecoming way. He would not be with a woman who acted like this. He must respect someone to be with her. This is true for Cap Venus more than any other. Mars in Saggi may not make him the most ambitious guy around. He may want to play more than work. However, in this case, I am not sure which would win out?

For Brandon–Venus in Gemini and Mars in Cappy

This guy will be a wonderful flirt. He will make girls feel special in the fun, flirty way that is unique to Venus in Gemini in both sexes. Brandon is more than a light weight flirt, though. He is a serious person with serious goals for his life. Career is important to him. He wants to make something of himself and I am sure that his Cappy Mars will take him to his goals in a stick to it kind of way. Cappy Mars can climb the mountain that it takes to reach a goal, one step at a time( or shall I say one hoof at a time)

For Archie–Venus in Cancer and Mars in Aries

You will have a great love of home. Your perfect date may be a home cooked meal and a snuggle on a sofa while watching a movie. You have the drive to go after what you want. You can set a goal and go for it, sticking to it, until it is done. You may be attracted to causes, as well.

For Archie’s Girl—Venus in Aries and Mars in cancer

This is an interesting combo and kind of opposite. This girl can chase a guy if she is interested, based on her Venus sign alone. Venus in Aries in a woman is a chaser. HOWEVER, we have the Mars in Cancer which is not, at all. In these cases, I am not sure which one wins out. I would guess that the Venus does, based on my studies of Scorpio Venus and Mars, but I am not sure. You need to tell me.

For Ralph—Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini

You are very sensitive to tastes and smells. You can’t help this. You can even get sick if there is a small taste of something you don’t like in food. Your biggest struggle will be in looking for the “perfect” woman. It will be something that will not go away with this Venus. Just know that you have it and it will help. Try to remember that you are not perfect and so a woman cannot be either! Your Mars in Gemini may make reaching your goals hard. You may start a goal with vigor but give up when boredom sets in.

For Kristin–Venus in Virgo and Mars in Virgo

This position is a tough one. Venus in Virgo is too picky. It can’t help it. It is just the placement’s nature. This Venus is very sensitive to tastes and smells. It can be made sick of a small bit of spice in a soup, for example. It can want the perfect man. Hence, it can be too critical of what it has in a person. Watch out for this in your partners, Kristin dear. This mars may not stick to goals too well. It is mutable, so does not have the staying power of a cardinal or Fixed mars. Also, it can get lost in details. The best pursuit for this Mars is one in which he works with details such as an accountant. That way, he uses his natural gifts. When i say he, i am referring to the Mars, not you lol

For Kristin’s Guy–Venus in Gem and Mars in Libra

This would be a flirt but someone who could not make up his mind. Mars in Libra finds it very hard to make decisions, any decision. It is not his fault. It is just the energy of his Mars. Mars is in the Fall in Libra. He would need a partner who would help him with this. Venus in Gemini is a great flirt and lots of fun to be with. I am sure he is like this.


For Hedda–Venus in Leo and Mars in Taurus

You are attracted to glam. You would not hang around in a ratty bathrobe. You probably look great at the gym, as well as at a party. You may like diamonds as your favorite gem. You need a partner who looks good on your arm, too. As far as goals, you can set them and follow through. You probably will take time making up your mind but you can stick to it.

For Arcturus–Venus in Cancer and Mars in Pisces in a male

This man will be home loving. He will not need fancy dates to upscale places. He will like a nice home cooked meal and a warm sofa on which to watch a movies. It can be a tender movie, too. This man will not be the most goal oriented person around. He may lose his focus and go off into the land of fantasy and imagination.

For Arcturus–Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aries in a Female

This woman will be a big flirt. She will not be a heavy sexual kind of flirt but a fun loving fairy kind of flirt. She loves words. If you can’t talk, the Venus in Gemini female is not interested in you. I can say that from personal experience. You can look like Adonis but it matters not. This woman is a go getter. Mars in Aries is a strong, determined person who can set a goal and go after it. She may be oriented to fighting for causes, too.





I will do everyone’s requests.Tell me if it is for a guy or a girl and I can do a better answer for you. I will look at the FB groups and my Comment Form. Put up your request and I will get to it, today.

95 thoughts on “Personal Requests for Venus/Mars Combos

      1. amiannAnna

        Dur, I should have read more thoroughly 😛

        Lady placements, Venus in Aries & Mars in Gemini

        Guy placements, Venus & Mars in Aries (exact by degree)

          1. amiannAnna

            Thanks, Ami! Sticking to projects/goals is definitely something I’ve been working on for a few years – I think my progressed Mars is in the early degree of Cancer, now, so I’m figuring it out.

            As for Mars/Venus conjunction, I think his Mars tends to win over his Venus. He’s got Scorpio Rising and if he wants something, he’ll get it! He enjoys being chased more than chasing but like I said, if he wants something (someone) he’ll get em!

            Thank you! This was fun!

  1. amiannDiana

    Hi Ami

    I am a Venus and Mars in Cancer exact conjunct.
    ….and I am really interested in the Venus and Mars in Gemini Combo.

    Thank you so much for all your posts! I really enjoy them!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Diana. My pleasure, especially with great and supportive comments like yours! Is the Venus in Mars and Gemini something you were interested in, in a guy?

  2. amiannMarian

    Ami,I’ve read all the descriptions and they’re pretty accurate :),specially the Venus in Scorpio-Mars in Libra one (my bf has it and yes,sometimes he’s annoyingly indecisive) ..What about Venus in Libra& Mars in Virgo combo in a girl?Thank you in advance!

      1. amiannAlvin

        Thanks Ami!!!

        I really really love this article of yours! Hope you can do more of this in the future! 🙂

        This is so true for me, that’s why I have to make my goals shorter (like a few days or so) so that I’ll be sure to be “focused” on achieving them. When I really really love something, I’m like a powerhouse in running after it… for a very very limited time only… Lol!

  3. amiannBlackSeraph

    Ami, how about Mars conjunct Venus in Libra for a guy. about 4 degrees orb, with Pluto in between them. I would say wild-card or amplifier time. Definitely a catalyst of sorts.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hmm Mars conj venus is sexy and charismatic, no matter which sign it is in. So, we can say that about him. Now, with Pluto in between, that amps up things. That would mean there is a Venus conj Pluto and a Pluto conj Mars. This would give a strong Scorpio Vibe. I bet this person is super charismatic. Is he? As far as how he is, inside. I would say that he is SO intense that it is too much but he may be a bad chick magnet 😀

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I did yours, Ralph dear. About the square, I will discuss it here. This will make you sexy. Any exact aspect between venus and Mars amps up the charisma. Yours is exact, so you got it going on! I would love to see a picture, if you want to mail me one. mo******@my****************.com
      Back to the square, the downside of the square is that you can put your female side into one box and your male side into another. This makes it hard to understand woman. This makes it hard to get in touch with your own feminine side. This aspect can be seen in people who struggle with their sexual identity. I am not saying that you do but this aspect is often there when one does.
      What do you think?

      1. amiannRalph

        Thank you so much ami for taking the time to answer. Well i guess im glad about the charisma and sexyness, i dont really find myself that sexy or attractive just a somewhat goodlooking.
        I read the interpetation you wrote it’s actually pretty accurate, you know one thing i cannot resist are smells, if someone smells good it just has so much impact upon me.
        You know, i actually consider myself gay and one thing ive noticed lately is im trying too hard to be perfect and i do want a perfect couple too( guy) (im not looking for a couple at the moment that is just in the case that i had to have one. ) , theres just too many things one has to have for me to be able to consider him as a potential partner, its no wonder ive never had a gf nor a bf in my whole life, that doesnt bother me neither to be very honest.i would like to have a relationship just to experience what it is to have one , not just cause i feel that i need the warmness of a person or the affection.
        So to make the story short , yes 🙂 i do agree with all you said and found it very accurate.
        Btw ami i know you like like looking for songs that identify with certain sings or aspects in an astrological chart what vibe does this song gives you :
        If you have the time to listen to it of course :p.
        Thank you ami.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          You are so welcome, Ralph, dear. Thank you for being a part of my website and for commenting. I would love to listen to your song and tell you what I think! I love songs used for Astrology. I will listen now.

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          WOW Powerful song. It really moves me! What sign would it be? I am not sure. It seems like the longing of the human heart, when it has given up. I know because I have been there in that terrible hole. It sounds like you have been there, too, Ralph dear. I am trying to climb out now but it is not easy at all! You have a home here. You can come on my Forum and talk and share anything you want. That is why I made it. I wanted a safe place for everyone, online. I will kick anyone off who is a jerk. Love you, Friend <3

          1. amiannRalph

            Yeah it seems like if that person has given up quite a bit … i just find it reletable with the “trying to be perfect thing” i do realize is pointless but still have that itchy feeling when i see physical flaws in myself , its not that big of a issue its actually a really small one.
            And thank you so much for your support annie, i really do appreciate it , i know we’ve just started talking but if you want to talk about anything with me of course feel free to do so :). i hope we both climb out of that hole. love you too

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Do you mean Venus conj Betalguese and Mars conj Dejanira, TMO? I have Betalguese conjunct my Sun, so I know about it. It will give you great honors and blessings. However, if you use them wrong, you will fall. It is the same for Aldebaran which I have conj my Venus. Some fixed stars will bless you but you must act with integrity or you will fall and it will be a bad fall.
      Deja conj Mars, I am not sure how this would act. Mars may protect Deja in the sense that the person may not be bullied but the person may bully others. I need more reports about this to formulate a decision of how it acts. What do you think, TMO?

      1. amianntmo

        Yes venus Conj betelgeuse correct but its Mars conjunct Denebola in the constellation of the Lion. I need your intelligence on these placements

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I have the Sun conj betalgeuse, exact, so I have some personal understanding of it. I don’t know what Denebola is. If you would like to research it and come back with the info, that would be great. Betelgeuse is like Aldebaran. It gives great honors, riches and rewards. However, if you misuse it, you will come to a bad end.

  4. amiannEva

    Hi dear Amy,
    I have venus in aries square mars in cancer, someone asked you about this placement and you weren’t sure how exactly it may work. So I will try to describe how I feel this aspect of mine.
    If I fancy someone I get very impatience but I don’t go directly and aggressively after my object of interest. I would never ask guy to go out with me directly, it wouldn’t count for me, I want to feel really wanted so I want them to do it. I start with gentle subtle ways sending signals to the person that I fancy them( I make sure they notice my signals) and then if they fancy me too everything go naturally further. I would never keep on going after someone who don’t fancy me. I had only one serious relationship in my life which was my marriage. But I must say all my short relationships (I could count them on one hand) and my main one (marriage) started the way I described above. I send signals and then I let them to get me. Ones as soon as I got a guy I wasn’t interested in him anymore. So suddenly I didn’t fancy him anymore, poor guy.
    The thing is, as soon as I got the any guy I fancied I stepped back and started to figure out if I really want him. As well with my ex husband is not like as soon as I got him I felt in love with him straight away. It took little time for me to fall deeply in love but then when I fall in love I fall in love. My love is pure, loyal unconditional no matter how many clouds will come above a sky. I would never cheat. My ex husband is an aquarius so he was the one who fell in love with me straight away, but then…Shame that my he didn’t share my philosophy of love. No to aquarius men from me for the future. He broke my heart which was full of love only for him.
    I hope my description of aries venus square cancer mars helped at least a bit, Ami.

      1. amiannBiblea

        Yes I was thinking about it. It won’t make sense for venu conj mars in Jesus. But incidentally I feel Jesus’ Mars cannot be any of the strong signs. Aries, Sco or Cap. If you look at his eyes there is no strong mars . I wanted to venture a Pisces Mars or Cancer Mars.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Interesting Biblea

          There are websites which have tried to replicate Jesus’ chart. I think they put all 12th House planets. Jesus had incredible drive to do what he did. He was 100% God and 100% man. The man part had to have an iron will. The Bible says that he set his face like flint to the cross( paraphrase) The point is that He had an iron will, as a man, to got through what He did. He could have smite every person there. He could have come down from the cross, at any time. So, Pluto would have had to be very strong, I think. Jesus was very, very gentle but very, very strong. The chart would show that, I think.

          1. amiannBiblea

            Ah yes you might be right. Maybe a Mars in Scorpio since that is a strong placment and can withstand the torture. But Jesus was also pure and a Mars in Scorpio can be a nun-type as well.

            Now what would you suppose for a Venus in Pisces, Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Pisces, Mars in Pisces and Venus in Pisces, Mars in Aries?

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Well, Biblea, lets leave these aside for a bit, so I can think about them. I want to ask you some other questions, so I can put them into the mix. What about Houses and what would you think His Pluto did?

          3. amiannBiblea

            I haven’t a clue AmyAn. Perhaps Mars in Scorpio would be very powerfully sexual, as you have touched upon, but it could be channeled to spirituality, as Jesus did. Mars in Aries are bit brash people, and from Jesus’ account he was more sleek , perhaps , but seems his bravado can also borrow from Aries. It is safe to say, Jesus is all things, and all signs.

            As for thew houses, Jesus seemed to be a 9th house, and 12th house person. There probably is also some in the house of open enemies – 7th house. Mars might be there, what do you think?

          4. amiannamiann Post author

            Yes, Jesus would probably be a Mars in Scorpio because that is the most powerful Mars. Jesus stare was fixed and could see through people. That would be Mars in Scorpio.

          5. amiannBiblea

            Yes and it may be in his 7th, or he will have pluto aspected badly to mars. Pluto is betrayal, but it will manifest in violence when aspect to mars. Maybe his pluto was in the 7th and mars was either conjunct or sq it

          6. amiannamiann Post author

            I didn’t know Pluto was betrayal, B. I thought Pluto was primal power. Please, explain how Pluto works as betrayal in the natal. Then, I have a question about Pluto in synastry, too. Thank you, B!

          7. amiannamiann Post author

            If a person had Venus conj Pluto, could you say they would be betrayed through love. If a person had Sun conj Pluto, could you say they would be betrayed by the father. I ask because in each of these cases, that is exactly what happened.Thanks again for all your help, B.

          8. amiannBiblea

            If it happened, then for sure it is true. Charts show possibilities and not the direction. Abuse is negativity. A squared or opposition chart can be channeled positively.
            I would say Venus conj pluto is intensity and possessiveness more than betrayal but sometimes the person is their own enemy. They create traps to trap themselves in the quagmire of betrayal so they express their chart. But I think houses have a better impact regarding betrayal. Meaning pluto and venus in the 8 may have more betrayal themes in their lives.
            Overall I look at where Saturn and Mars is. That’s where most destruction can be due.

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          I would say Venus conj pluto is intensity and possessiveness more than betrayal but sometimes the person is their own enemy. They create traps to trap themselves in the quagmire of betrayal so they express their chart. But I think houses have a better impact regarding betrayal. Meaning pluto and venus in the 8 may have more betrayal themes in their lives.

          This is exactly what happened. The person had Pluto conj venus, exact, in Scorpio in the 8th House. He was betrayed by a female who used him and he killed himself.

  5. amiannLon Spector

    The placements of the planets work like a percision clock.
    You can go back to any date in history and see what planet was where.
    Jesus, (He had SHORT hair) was born on September 11, 2 B.C.
    We at least know that He was a Virgo. But it would be fascinating to check out all the
    other placements.

  6. amiannLon Spector

    You would have to read a book titled “The Birth Of Christ Recalculated” by Dr.
    Earnest L. Martian (1978)
    Using clues from the Bible AND Astronomical placements, he makes the case that
    Jesus Christ was born on Sept. 11 2 B.C. That happened to be Rosh A Shunna (The
    Jewish New Year) at that time.

  7. amiannLon Spector

    The world’s TRADITIONS throws us off. When “christianity” left Israel, it became
    interspersed with paganism. This why most know nothing.

  8. amiannLon Spector

    Just why DO you admire him so? Give me one correct prediction he has ever made.
    The “rapture” in 2012? The end of the world in November of this year?
    “If a prophet issues a prediction in the name of the Lord, and the prediction does not come
    true that prophet is not of God.”
    If the prophet is not from God where IS he from? He is from the DEVIL!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I tell you, Lon. I adore Kenneth. He is the one and only teacher who has changed my life. I truly am so thankful God did not let him die but brought him back from the dead. I will explain more. I will write an article cuz it is complicated but I threw away all my other CDs.

  9. amiannLon Spector

    Well I’ll tell you! You’ll score no brownie points with Kenneth just because you bring
    one or two new people to Christ. He would still say you’re going to hell. With that type
    it’s “My way or the highway!’

  10. amiannLon Spector

    A “God” among men, even though Christ said, “Take heed that no man decieve you,
    for many men will come in my name saying “I am the Christ, and decieve MANY.”
    Hagin, is simply one more deciever.

  11. amiannLon Spector

    Fudametals, are narrow minded, jump to conclusions, set dates, and put people in a never
    ending Hell. All falsehoods among other things.

  12. amiannJ3cape

    Hi Amy, your astrological insights have helped me understand a lot of things on this subject so has I read this I thought that if it isn’t to much trouble for you to explain to me how a guy with mars in aquarius would go after his goals.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome J
      Sure. I would be happy to.Aqua is Fixed so they can make a goal and stick to it. In relationships, they are open minded about things. They could date a different race or a different kind of person than themselves. They have a true sense of justice and fairness which comes from a true heart. Many people in my life have this and I like it a lot!

  13. amiannarcturus

    I wonder if you are still doing this, I am curious about venus in cancer with mars in pisces, in a male, or venus in gemini with mars in aries in a female 🙂

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