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Pholus Explodes What It Touches

With asteroids, one must do one’s own research, as there can be precious little information available. I have been checking out Pholus in charts and have come to this conclusion. Pholus explodes what it touches. If Pholus touches Chiron, the planet of pain, a person will explode with his pain. If Pholus touches Ceres, the asteroid of unconditional love, the person may be a teacher who gives unconditional love to her students. This was the case in a chart I did. If one persons Pholus touches another persons planet, the Pholus person can make the planet person “explode” in that area. By explode, I mean come forth and break open. I liken it to an infection which comes to a head. Then, it can open and heal.. Each energy is part of being human. One must embrace each part of the chart as one must embrace each part of oneself.

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