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Pisces Ascendant with Neptune Conjunct the MC—For a Very Special Person

Pisces rules the 12th house which brings us in to the world, as it rules the womb. It is the house of our exit from the world, as it rules death. As such, the person with strong Pisces never quite fits in the material world. Inside the man is the fish, swimming in the waters of the next dimension. He is deeper than other men. He is more sensitive. He may be psychic. He may dream true, which is characteristic of Neptune, his ruling planet.He may get flashes of intuition, which will, always, come true. They are from the next dimension, after all, in which there is no time and space.

If someone has a Pisces ASC and Neptune on the MC, Neptune becomes more powerful in the chart. It is the chart ruler. The MC is one’s face to the outside world. We show our MC in our career and our face toward society. With Neptune conjunct the MC, the person is destined to bring Neptune to the world. There is little choice as to one’s destiny. One can choose not to live it. However, that choice is like hiding under the bed on the first day of school. He can hide. However, if he never goes out the door, his light will stay hidden . A planet on the MC may come to the fore later in life. It may come with maturity. However, the native will not feel true soul peace, if he does not manifest this planet to the world.

The planet of Neptune has it’s wonderful side, in that the Neptunian man has access to to the next dimension. Such responsibility is always two edged. His great compassion may cool a fevered brow,but may drive him to escapism, as Neptune rules drugs and alcohol. The native with Neptune conjunct the MC has a very special destiny, as do all individuals with planets conjunct the MC. He was chosen to being Neptune to the world. As such, his destiny is to understand Neptune. A planet on the MC propels the native to understand the workings of the planet, in an intimate way. How can the teacher teach, if he does not know his subject, inside and out. There are great responsibilities to the holder of a planet on the MC, particularly if it is the planet of Divinity. It is a responsibility, and a burden. Isn’t that the mark of destiny?

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