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Does One Have an Inability to Quell The Planets Which Conjunct the MC?

I know this may seem like a strange question. It seems as if the MC forces the native to live out the planet which conjuncts it, and the native must do this in full view of others. I have Moon conjunct the MC. People tell me not to wear my heart on my sleeve. I can’t help it. My moon( my deepest heart) is simply out there for all to see. I don’t know how to live any other way. The planet on the MC is an integral part of one, as is one’s arm or leg. However, this part will show to others, whether one likes it or wants it. Find people’s charts and make a study of just the MC. You will see the person and his planet on the MC as inextricably connected. I will go so far as to say that you will connect the person with his planet on the MC more than on his planet on the Ascendent, even. One can never seem to hide the MC planet as it sticks out like the nose on one’s face.

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