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Planets in the 8th House

If the 12th house is the door to the next dimension, the 8th house is emotions and passions, repressed in THIS dimension. If you have planets in the 8th house, those spheres represented by the planet, can seem lost to you, as if they are hiding down a huge, dark well. Planets in this house need therapy, not as an actual event, but as a type pf course , to bring them out of hiding in to the light of day. A person with many 8th house planets will be hidden in the parts of himself which the planets represent. He will not have one foot in the door to the next dimension, as does the 12th house. He will just need some help seeing that he is perfectly fine, as he is. He will need to dig up what is there and bring it to the light. Then, he will be like everybody else. The Sun in the 8th house may make the person mature late. He may feel a lack of identity . He may struggle more than his peers to have that sense of self which is so essential to us all. A person with the moon in the 8th will have a profound depth and an unusual sensitivity. He may be psychic or at the least, very intuitive. He may struggle to feel an acceptance of his emotions. He may feel they are too dark or too scary to face. However, he must and when he does, he will have a profound depth with which to go forward in life. Mars in the 8th may be driven to explore the depths of both sexuality and emotions. This person may be interested in any career which explores what is under the surface such as a detective or psychologist. Saturn in the 8th has a paradoxical effect. It may cool the emotions and the passions, so that they may feel lost to the person. This person may have to struggle, mightily, to unearth his own emotional and sexual depth. Pluto in the 8th is in its natural home. This Pluto is very passionate and at home with his primal side. Uranus in the 8th may like off beat sexual practices and may have little fear exploring his deeper emotions, as well. Neptune in the 8th may make it hard to grasp what is at one’s core.One may not want to see cold hard reality but couch it in poetic terms and niceties.

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