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Planets on the Angles–The IC

The IC represents one’s early home. The sign on the IC will be the tone of one’s early life. It would be informative to talk about each sign in the IC but that is not the purpose of this article. In this article, I want to talk about the planets on the IC.

Sun–the native may have been able to shine as a child. Perhaps, he was a child star, in some way.

Moon–the child may have felt very connected to his home.Perhaps, he did not want to leave.Perhaps, he never left, as his heart is still there.

Mars–the home may have been aggressive. The child may have felt as if it was a war zone, of sorts. He may have had to be aggressive, in turn.

Mercury–the home may have been very intellectual.

Venus–there may have been a lot of love in the home

Saturn-the home may have been cold and without feeling.

Jupiter–the home may have felt happy and filled with joy and optimism.

Neptune–there may have been many lies or deceptions in the home. A parent may have been a drug addict, even. Conversely, there may have been a lot of creativity in the home.

Uranus–there may have been many kinds of moves, changes and instability in the home

Pluto–Passions may have been overwhelming. The home may have felt like rough seas with tidal waves.

2 thoughts on “Planets on the Angles–The IC

  1. amiannvenusinleo

    i have saturn exact conjunct my IC and squares my 12th house moon, my mother died when i was young and I had no love as a child. its interesting how it is always correct 🙂

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