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Planets on the Angles–The Ascendant

I seem to be obsessed with certain topics. Either that, or I am called to write about them. At any rate, planets on the angles is one of my particular topics. I want to address each angle in a series of articles. I want to talk about it’s unique nature . I want to talk about what a planet does to the angle and what an angle does to the planet. I will start with the Ascendant. The Ascendant is our outer self. However, it is glued on as if we had sunglasses affixed to our face. We see everything through the lens of these glasses. There are all manner and form of glasses . There are rose colored ones. There are fashionable designer ones. There are dark ones like the Secret Service wears which makes them look preternaturally cool. There are big, bold glasses with diamond frames. The key is that we cannot take them off. When one meets us at a party, they see our glasses. We operate out of the nature of our glasses. They COLOR our perception. So, are the glasses a part of us? Yes. However, they are more like a house or a car which is attached to us. We are not really that house or car . However, it is kind of the hand we play in life. It is superficial, to that degree. However, it is a very real slice of us, albeit the most outer one.

I will try to address what each planet would be like on the Ascendant.

Sun–one would have a strong, confident identity. One could put oneself forward in one’s best interest. At a party, this native would come up and shake your hand or pat your back.

Moon–one may wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve. One may have an open childlike quality. One may be the type to whom others tell their problems. At a party, someone may come up and confide their problems. One would have a safe feeling about one in that another could unburden himself and this native would offer a place of comfort.

Mercury–one may be chatty. One may be friendly and inclusive of others. One may help others open up as one would have an easy and friendly manner. At a party, this native may be having an interesting conversation about any manner of things as this native would have a wide breadth of knowledge. The native would ask questions about others which would help others to open up about themselves.

Venus–one may be attractive and gracious. At a party, others would see a person who holds himself with dignity. This native probably does not like coarse jokes or coarse behavior as this native has a natural refinement.

Mars–one may be assertive or have a bold kind of energy such as a spitfire. At a party,one may see this native arguing in a political debate or expressing an opinion, loudly and forcefully. You know that if you cross him, he will be relentless until you agree or walk away.

Saturn–one may be insecure and lack confidence. One may have extreme self doubt.It is hard to hide it, also. At a party, this native may hold back. He may stay on the sidelines until someone seeks him out. He may need a drink to fortify him so he can relax.

Jupiter–one is the opposite of Saturn in that Saturn makes one doubt himself. Jupiter makes one swagger with self confidence. However,it is done with such joy and good cheer that the native is not off putting. Jupiter is pure joy and light. If you met this native at a party, you may feel as if you stepped into a warm light. His optimism and good cheer will rub off on those he touches. He may have the feeling that he is a golden boy(or girl). He is gifted by the gods, to bring a touch that makes everyone seem a little prettier, a little warmer and a little more optimistic, in his presence.

Uranus–one may look bizarre or unusual, at the least.One may dress in an off beat manner. At any rate, you would remember this person as something would strike others as different, not cookie cutter. At a party, this native may wear something different than what the party calls for. If it is black tie, this native may wear jeans. If the dress code is jeans, this native may wear a suit.

Neptune–this native may appear other worldly. He may seem gentle, creative and mystical. He may be soft spoken. He may draw others to him as he may have a glamorous air of mystery which makes others want to know him. For Neptune, think Greta Garbo or Jackie O. There was an air of mystery surrounding these woman that made them all the more alluring. That mystique would be a picture of Neptune.

Pluto–this native will have an air of authority. Think of a cop stopping you for a ticket. That would be Pluto conjunct the Ascendant. In fact, this is a great placement for a policeman or a politician. This aspect makes a splash. The native is never ignored. He exudes an air of authority with which others do not want to tangle.




4 thoughts on “Planets on the Angles–The Ascendant

  1. amiannDL

    its wonderfull you are writing articles on planet placements cause they are my favorite 🙂 and give some of the best interpretations from what i read on the web
    i can really connect to neptune on the ASC

    hope you will write more articles of this kind ^^

  2. amiannTiffany

    I have Antares conjunct Saturn in the first house at 9 degrees Sagittarius.

    Antares – The Heart of the Scorpion, with Saturn in Youth
    Black versus white, a life full of the struggle with polarities
    This star is the Heart of the Scorpion and is one of the great stars of the sky. It is a Royal Star of
    Persia and was known as the Watcher of the West. To the Persians this star was the god of the dead,
    Yima. Being a Royal Star, Antares offers great success, worldly or otherwise. However, it also
    indicates that you may well cause your own undoing. The natural desire of this star is to generate
    success by going through a cleansing life-and-death experience. It can cause you to seek this
    intensity even when it is not required. A powerful star, this will imply that you will go to extremes,
    intentionally or unintentionally. Success will come, as this is one of the Royal Stars, but only
    through continually putting your efforts to the test and honing them through the fires of experience.
    The planet in contact with Antares will indicate how this energy will be expressed in your life. The
    danger is one of seeking drama simply for the thrill, and if this happens, it can lead to the loss of all
    that has been gained. With Antares polarizing, black and white view of life forced to express itself
    physically via the paran with Saturn your life becomes full of real polarities. Moral, religious, social
    or family issues will seem to place you in the middle with a clear view of these two sides, choices,

    decisions.This constant living in a polar world can make you angry or resentful, or can give you
    insights into different ways of living. Whatever way you make your decisions, recognize that being
    in a position where you are trying to balance or struggle with two worlds or two forces is a part of
    your life journey.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, kind of like Aldebaran but this one is darker. Thanks so much, Tiffany. Did you know I have a Forum. You can post charts. I have a research Forum, too. You can get there from the front of my website and click on Forum

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