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Planets on the MC and What They May Show About Your Childhood

Astrology allows one to theorize. I allow myself to put forth certain theories. Then, I ask people, if they fit. In that spirit, I have a theory about planets which conjunct the MC. I know someone with Pluto conjunct the MC, very well. She wears Pluto, as her career face and face to society. That part is not a new theory. That is what happens when a planet conjunct the MC. The new part is what can this aspect say about the IC. My theory is that the IC had a paucity of this planet. For the woman cited, her childhood did not allow Pluto, which was the case. Her childhood suppressed her Pluto, as it was not allowed .Another chart has Neptune conjunct the MC. This man will show Neptune to the world. However, his childhood did not allow for Neptune’s expression. His family used religion in an improper way. He saw God in a maligned way, just as the woman saw Pluto i.e. primal passions in a maligned way, as her family was very repressed with primal passions.

One thought on “Planets on the MC and What They May Show About Your Childhood

  1. amiannStawr

    hmm I have MC conjunct N. node
    I will have to think about that one with my childhood…my parents are not the repressing type(nothing extreme) I was repressed from having cable tv til I was 12, and I jokingly tell them today “that was child abuse!” And my N. Node is in house 9. and I really haven’t been out of the country (except for Canada) and I am very close to Canada. But my family really only goes camping, and travels to visit family. And I wander how come my family doesn’t take me to disney world, or a cruise…how come family’s with less money do this stuff and we don’t? Why are we lame? LOL (luckily I had a friend take me to Disney at age 12)

    and asteroid Ubasti conjunct IC. I use to have kitten wall paper in my room. And I had this cat that would let me put jewelry and plastic crowns on him. lol but today no cats at my work. Cause I’m at a school. lol And I try not to get cat hair on my black slacks when I go to work. (I really struggle with that some days)

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