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Planets or Asteroids Conjunct the Ascendant

The Ascendant is the face we wear in to the world. Hence, what conjuncts this point in space is crucial. One wears it, as a coat. One’s coat may be an elegant fur , chic cashmere sweater, or a ratty jean jacket .When we add asteroids, we have a plethora of possibilities. If Eros conjuncts the ASC, the native is very attractive. If Vesta conjuncts ths ASC, one is devoted to helping others, selflessly.If Saturn conjuncts the ASC, one appears serious. One may have severe self doubt, as to one’s ability to make it in life.If Jupiter conjuncts the ASC, one will be jovial and may have weight problems. If Neptune conjuncts the ASC, one may appear mysterious and may not have enough sense of one’s identity. If Mars conj the Asc, one may be aggressive. If the Moon conjuncts the ASC, one may wear one’s heart on one’ s sleeve. If Uranus conjuncts the ASC, one may like to dress in a “look at me” way.One may want one’s appearance to reflect extreme individualism. If the Sun, one will have self confidence, If Nessus, one may abuse. If Dejaneria, one may be abused. If Sedna, one may be betrayed. If Cupido, one may use his eroticism to seduce, but will not have his heart involved. If Juno, one will be a loyal friend. If Vesta, one will be wise. If Eris, one will be annoying. If Pholus, one may have tantrums. If Kaali, one may absorb others energy, as a psychic sponge. If Lilith, one will radiate raw sexuality. If Pluto, one will radiate power. If Venus, one will radiate grace and beauty.if Ceres, one will nurture friends and family.




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18 thoughts on “Planets or Asteroids Conjunct the Ascendant

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Vests conj DSC is your looking for a selfless partner in the best way. I am not sure about Diana. Would you like to research her and let me know! Come on my Forum and we can do a thread about her, if you want. Hope to see you there!

  1. amiannmarine

    Ami ,you are sooooo sweet!!! I am asking you not the first time and you always answer immediately.And you are right about the selfless partner.I can’t find the one like this.I thought that I have to seek someone with a lot of pisces and neptune or with the taurus moon or strong vesta or jupiter ? A cancer planets are selfish isn’ it? Am I right in my thouhts? I would like to hear your advice! Yeah ,I would like to investigate the Diana asteroid!!!

  2. amiannNancy

    hello, Amiann,
    thanks for this article. I have eros conjunct ascendant by 1 orb in 1st house, and eris by 4 orbs in 12th house. do you think eris is close enough to affect my personality or eros will stand out on its own? thanks,

  3. amiannShania

    Hello Amiaan,
    Thanks for the article. My natal juno in capricorn is conjunct my capricorn ascendant by 2 orbs in 12th house. What does it look like? Am I likely to have a late marriage?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Umm You will be a loyal partner with the best qualities of a wife. Will you have a late marriage? I think you would need to look to the 7th house for that, Friend.

      1. amiannShania

        Thanks amiann! That’s so sweet of you! I’ve read juno aspects in your chart could be used to interpret about your destined spouse. I’m a beginner in astrology. I went through your pages and really appreciate your work.
        My 7th house has only jupiter at 25Leo42′ which conjuncts:
        mercury in 26Leo57′ (8th house)
        venus in 28Leo52′ (8th house)
        sun in 29Leo48′ (8th house)
        Also, I have cancer on the cusp of 7th house which is ruled by moon. My moon in natal chart is in 1st house in Aquarius.
        What does it imply?

  4. amiannShen

    I know a person who is
    If Neptune conjuncts the ASC, one may appear mysterious and may not have enough sense of one’s identity.

    Yes, he is. He is a kind of confuse person. It’s hard for other persons to know him/ his mind, except a few friend do. Fogs cover him.

      1. amiannci***************@ya***.com" class="url" rel="ugc external nofollow">xari

        πŸ˜€ hmm..sometimes it just bursts out ….but sometimes I can play it rising is in capricorn, my moon is in capricorn- so I am a block of iceeee. Kidding…. I cry, secretly :)) Saturn plays a part in here, as a ruler of rising. I think it is a difficult placement to have ALL these planets on the ASC, but that’s it, sometimes is interesting, I have to work with what I have:)

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