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Pluto Conjunct Dejanira

156504_359637414146005_1867697259_nThis aspect is a powerhouse. Dejanira is the victim. She lies down and lets herself be raped. She does not make a peep. She does not fight back. It is very sad that one can get beaten down so badly that one will not lift a finger in one’s own defense. I think we all have been there. As a child, one is overpowered by adults. One cannot lift a finger in one’s defense. If one has been bullied by a gang of kids, one often submits.

Bullying is very sad. It is one of the worst parts of human nature. Human nature is cruel due to the Adam’s decision in the garden. The effects of Adam’s decision is in each and every one of us. The worst people are the ones who won’t face it. That brings me back to the Malignant Narcissist. I seem to be brought back to her a lot. However, I do not want to digress to the Malignant Narcissist. I want to stay on the subject of Pluto conjunct Dejanira.

People with a prominent Dejanira will be victims. I hate to say it that way but I promised you honesty and that is the way I see it. A prominent Dejanira would be Dejanira conjunct the ASC, MC, Moon, Venus or North Node. If we want to expand on that, Dejanira conjunct the IC, SN, the Child Asteroid or any personal planet would be a prominent Dejanira, too.

It is not the person’s fault that she is victimized. The chart will play out as it will. Only God knows why we get the charts we do. We can ask Him when we get to Heaven but then we won’t care. As far as the earth goes, check your chart for Dejanira. If you have her strongly, you have probably been victimized. What I am writing is, probably, no surprise to you.

Dejanira will usually hook up with Nessus, her paired asteroid. As the Yin attracts the Yang and night turns into day, Dejanira attracts Nessus. It is as true as I sit here and do the charts. The paired asteroids seem to magnetize to each other. The same would be said for Echo/Narcissus and Pysche/Eros. However, Psyche/Eros is soul mate and so a different flavor, entirely.

I keep digressing from my subject, which is Dejanira standing up for herself. Pluto in good aspect to Dejanira will make her stand up for herself. The bully will not pick on a strong person. This little piece of advice eludes people with a weak Dejanira, just as wise advice eludes all of us, in our problem areas. However, the lesson of Pluto conjunct Dejanira is to stand your ground. Fight that bully with all that you have. Fight her until she turns around and runs. Then, you will have learned the lesson that those of us with Pluto conj Deja come by naturally. Readers with Pluto trine Dejanira have commented that the trine confers the protection of the conjunction. The sextile would, as well.

I do have some questions, though.. What does Pluto in hard aspect to Dejanira do? By hard aspect, I mean the square, most of all, and secondly the opposition. I would love to hear your comments on this.





27 thoughts on “Pluto Conjunct Dejanira

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am gonna assume it is natal. I think this would have the same beneficial elements as the conjunction. You would not let people mess with you. Is that true?

  1. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    Natally, Dejanira opposite Pluto AND Mars who are co-rulers of my 7th house scorpio. Will this configuration ‘protect’ me from victimization by partners?

    Because most of my partners had/have their Chiron conjunct my Dejanira.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Marion. I just asked this question in my article. I would need your input.My guess would be that you CAN stand up for yourself but you waver. You may go back and forth with being a victim and standing up. Does this fit? xx

      1. amiannLaura

        Aah okay, I thought because it was basically Pluto that conjuncted the asteroid here , it could work.
        I don’t think it’s aspecting anything in my chart then.

  2. amiannJenny

    HI Amy

    With my Dejanira that conjunct my AC and square Pluto near MC and Mercury near IC, all with orbs less than 1 degree, I tend to endure the bullying at first until some day I cannot stand it anymore and go straight to tell the teacher lol that is from my childhood experience. I don’t think this is a healthy method of handling bullying though and am trying to shorten the time span from being bullied to fighting back. lol

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Jenny, I am sorry you went through that. Deja conj the ASC is one of the hardest places for it but not the hardest which is the Moon, in my opinion.

  3. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    Yes..the idea of ‘wavering’ sort of fits. My Mars/Pluto conjunction is in Libra in my 5th house exactly opposite Dejanira in Aries in 11th house.

    All my life i have ‘settled’ for romantic partners with profiles that were much less than a match for mine. In other words less than what i deserve or could aim for. I would get into the relationship without thinking, but when i later felt that the relationship was a rotting rut, i would get up, crawl out and walk away. But sooner or later hook up with another loser. True to dejanira in 11th, my problem, partly, had to do with ineffective choices of social circles/groups.

    So this pattern was a kind of subtle victimization through relationships.

    And guess when i realized this trend?. The light bulb year was when transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition conjuncted my Mars/Pluto opposition to Dejanira.
    At that time, an intellectual celebrity guy showed me a lot of romantic interest. Though we didn’t really hook up, that opened my eyes and made me realize i could aim for much better partners than what had been settling for upto then. It was as if task master Saturn activated my mars-pluto energy, while Uranus on the other side threw me into ‘unusual’ social settings bringing in the ‘radical’ intellectual celebrity into my life.

    So now two years on, i have been successfully avoiding ‘road to rut’ style relationships, fighting off a few unlikely suitors. But still, way to go with improving old socializing habits….:(

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I hear you, Marion. We are our own worst enemies, a lot. Where is your Sedna? I am not sure of the number but I will put up my asteroid list if you want to look

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Victoria!
      I have to work with asteroids before I can comment on how they play out. What is Nike’s number and I will add her to my list. As of now, I don’t know what will occur with these two. With Pluto /deja, the deja gets stronger and the person does not allow bullying. This would be my guess in this case.

  4. amiannMimi

    Hey Amiann 🙂

    What does it mean if my dejanira conjuncts my mars? It’s in 8th house scorpio.

    An btw, what happens if my chiron conjuncts someone else’s dejanira, and his pluto conjuncts both my mars and dejanira?

    Thanks <3

  5. amiannKristina

    I think also with the opposition it might mean someone who stands up for themselves in such a way that they provoke aggressive response that leads to their own victimization in the end, or someone who feels victimized while fighting for themselves still cannot shake off the idea of having been bullied. Just a possible interpretation.

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