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Pluto in the 12th House

Pluto and the 12th –Shussh. Pluto is the majestic primal tiger we have met in the other houses. He does not like to be turned inward, as the 12th house is wont to do. This majestic beast has his face to wall, as a child in time out. It is very hard for him to turn around, face forward, and walk with Pluto’s famous swagger. As such, we have an unhappy Pluto. When Pluto is unhappy, watch out. This Pluto takes secretive and dials it up notches. Can we say nuclear? Pluto rules nuclear power. Pluto in the 12th has all of Pluto’s primal passion, but he is like a volcano and he is stuck in non eruption phase. Pluto’s energy must go somewhere, as all energy must. The 12th house Pluto may have very kinky sexual fantasies or practices. He may have a double life. He buckles at hiding who he is. That may be the hardest part of Pluto in the 12th. He wants to tell you who he is, but he is afraid. We are all afraid of rejection, even big bad Pluto. As such, this Pluto has a lot of secrets. My advice is to find a trusted friend or counselor. Unburden everything. This will be very hard for you, proud animal that you are, but you must. Even Pluto needs a little TLC, every now and then.

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