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Pluto in the 4th House

Pluto in the 4th seems to indicate a tumultuous childhood. The effects may stay with the person, as a sense of ongoing trauma, which lasts well beyond childhood. The 4th house is thought to be the mother, but it may be the father. One man had Pluto in the 4th and it was his father who left him with the effects of abuse which lasted, long after childhood. A fourth house Pluto may have had an unsettling early home life. He may have, never, been able to count on salubrious surroundings, although there may have been calm periods. One of the parents may be a gargoyle, of sorts. The astrologer would need to ask the native which one. However, it will become, abundantly, clear, with little probing, as one parent will have had a profound life changing effect.

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