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Pluto in the 9th House

The question behind the 9th house is “What is the purpose of life? What is my purpose ?” People with a strong 9th house crave the answers to these questions as one craves chocolate or cheesecake.These individuals are not content with a superficial lifestyle. They will be the ones to take cocktail party talk to the next level. They are quintessential people of depth, as they see below the surfaces of things, but not in an 8th house way which is to plumb the depths of emotions and passions. They plumb the depths of existence, which is quite different. They may major in philosophy. If they don’t, they study it. They are not content to be the cheerleader or the rah rah girl, even if their looks beguile this. The 9th house Pluto native is a person of profundity, first and foremost.

Pluto shakes up the house in which it resides. A person with an 9th house Pluto may struggle with which philosophy to embrace. He may be in a commune one year and the head of a corporation, the next. He may study all religions, and probably has. If you want a one stop shop for talk on world religions, make it a 9th house Pluto, as he has probably been there and done that. This native will not stop until he finds rest, in his personal philosophy/religion/spirituality. It is his quest and the tidal waves of Pluto will not stop until he finds it.

4 thoughts on “Pluto in the 9th House

  1. amiannBlackbird

    YES!!! This is the best description of the 9th house I’ve ever read! Every other description just talks about the practical side of this house — traveling and school. Ami, you’re the first person I know of that’s written about what the 9th house is really about!

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