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Pluto in the Second House

If you want to understand Pluto, picture a tidal wave. It will have it’s way. You are told to move toward a wave if it seeks to drown you. The same applies to Pluto. One must move toward Pluto, with submission. Pluto is meant to teach us lessons. We don’t like our lessons, just as we don’t like our vegetables. We want dessert. However, too much dessert makes one stodgy and immobile. As such, when Pluto comes to you, submit. If Pluto is in the 2nd house, one will learn lessons in the material world. One may have grown up with material insecurity such as in housing and basic finances. One may not have been able to relax, as one did not know if one’s basic needs would be met. With Pluto in the 2nd house, these insecurities may last for a lifetime, even if one becomes wealthy. Pluto’s influence stays with one, forever, in one form or another.

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