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Pluto square Moon in the Natal Chart


Moon conjunct or trine Pluto in synastry is something that is unequaled for pure passion and pure connection. For those of us who do not have Moon/Pluto aspects in the natal chart, we can experience them in synastry.From that, we can extrapolate how they would feel in the natal. I have noticed that some astrologers FEEL the charts and others THINK the charts. I feel the charts. I come at the charts from behind the eyes of the aspects. This is due to my Cancer Moon and Mars, I think.I say that to say that *I* cannot get behind the eyes of every natal aspect. However, I can try to understand natal aspects from experiencing them in synastry.This brings me to my subject, which is the Moon square Pluto in the natal chart.

The Moon is one’s deepest heart. The Moon is one’s most sensitive emotions.Pluto is the primal tiger that exists in each of us.Pluto manifests very differently in different people.
I, always, try to match the charts to people in my life. I, recently, obtained the chart of someone I have known for decades. I love her deeply. She is a Cancer Sun. Her Moon conjuncts my Venus, which makes for a warmth. I bring her up in this article because she has Pluto in the 12th House.

Her primal power seems as if it is locked away, as they used to do with the mentally ill—-up in the attic. She is someone who is “too nice.” Being “too nice” is not something a person can help. It is a result of primal power being pushed away due to fear of it’s intensity and what that intensity could engender. Her 12th House Pluto is classic for the 12th House Pluto. That which resides in the 12th House shuts down,to put it very simply.

Back to my subject.The Moon could be seen as a fragile flower Pluto can be seen as a primal tiger. In positive aspect, such as the trine, the native has very intense emotions but they are controlled. One could think of an amazing musician or an author who can move you deeply with his words, such as Stephen King. King’s depth of understanding human emotions is something that it truly awe inspiring and embodies Moon trine Pluto, although I do not know if he has it.

Onto how Pluto Functions in a Square in the Natal chart.Pluto, in square to the Moon, may torment the gentle Moon.The person may try to lock away the Pluto in a deep, inner compartment.
Pluto in square to the Moon may engender obsessions and addictions.One reason is that Pluto cannot simply be pushed away. It would be like trying to bury nuclear energy( which Pluto rules)
One cannot bury nuclear energy in one’s back yard without disastrous consequences.Hence, this native needs to try to dig up his primal passions, to the best of his ability. Creative pursuits help. Sports helps. However, I don’t think the native can really unearth this. One must work around it, as one must do in all squares.

One thought on “Pluto square Moon in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannkani

    I have this aspect in my chart. I went through a “dark night of the soul”/purification/ascension process, however you wanna call it, that lasted well over 14 years (I’m in my mid 30’s now, so it started when I was quite young).
    I think if I didn’t know deep inside what this phase is good for and that it isn’t a mental disorder and that it would give me inner freedom, I’m not sure whether I’d still be here today. It was insane.

    The purging of old stuck energies was constant, I felt it physically, emotionally and mentally. Had panic attacks or anxiety attacks almost every day or night, weird sensations, rage, hate, deep deep despair, it felt like walking through fog, not going where I’m headed, I developed several phobias, it felt like dying so many times.. Adding to that I also met my twin flame during that time that intensified these already extreme emotions (plus I processed some of his trauma, too. Was probably a soul agreement there). So yeah that was really difficult, but oh so rewarding at the end. I have Pluto square ascendant, too and mercury trine pluto.
    I’m also a Pisces with some strong Cancer influence and when someone says to me, that Pisces/Cancer is soft, weak and dependent, I just laugh in their face. I’m quite sure not many people would have survived such a long period of enormous emotional difficulties if they weren’t strong. And I always have been independent, too. So I’m not giving much attention to the signs alone, I feel the aspects are much more powerful.

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