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Progressions—Want To Try On a NEW You?

I am just beginning to explore Progressions. If the Astrological bug has bitten you( and I bet it has if you are reading this), Progressions will add a new flavor to your Astrological menu. What happens is that as time moves on, your chart placements do too. Therefore, if you are a Libra ASC like I am, you will be a Scorpio ASC. I was born a Venus in Gemini and by progression, I am now a Venus in Leo. I was born a Sun in Gemini and I am a Sun in Leo, by progression.

I can describe to you what these changes feel like and we can explore Progressions together. You can find yours on in the extended chart selection. I was born with Venus in Gemini, as I said. I did not do Progressions until now when I have passed through Venus in Cancer and am now a Venus in Leo. As a Venus in Gemini, which is a masculine sign, my dress was more masculine, in that I dressed in blazers with button down shirts and little jewelry. I dressed in a simple, classic way. I noticed that I am dressing in a more feminine way with sweater dresses, more jewelry, high heels and boots. The Leo Venus is more showy. It is not understated. If you want one word for the Leo Venus it is that it wants to be seen. It wants to stand out. It wants to make a personal creative statement. Leo is the sign of the child and you know how children love to be the center of attention. That is Leo, wherever you may find him. My Sun has progressed from Gemini to Leo. I can feel this too, as I have both the good and bad traits of Leo. I want to be creative, but I can be obnoxious at times, as some of you well know.

I want to talk about my Progressed Scorpio ASC so you can learn how a Progressed ASC would work. I can feel the difference between my natal Libra ASC and my current Progressed Scorpio ASC. Libra ASC is a nice ASC to have. I think it is a blessing to have a Libra ASC as we like to make peace, harmonize, compromise and are gracious. However, on the flip side( and there always is one) we are people pleasers. We can be very indecisive, for fear that we won’t be liked which can strike stark terror in the Libra ASC( or any Libra placement). Most Libra ASC are attractive in a sunny, balanced kind of way. It is a wholesome girl next door kind of way, not sultry as a Scorpio ASC would be. Libra ASC is not suspicious. It thinks that if it is kind, gracious and hospitable, you will be, too. This is NOT the case with a Scorpio ASC. It is just the opposite. You will find that signs which are side by side will be very different, so with the Progressed Ascendants, you will try out entirely different parts of yourself, which is nice and gives spice to your life.

Back to the Progressed Scorpio ASC. I don’t feel quite as sunny about life as I did when my ASC was in Libra. I feel more suspicious. I feel I need to watch my back more. I feel I need to live the Bible verse, ” Be as wise as serpents, gentle as doves” This would embody a Scorpio ASC, as would the phrase, “Talk softly but carry a big stick” . Scorpio in any form is about power. The Scorpio ASC would be about personal power in one’s own life. This seems to be my current lesson.

Look up your Progressions. You will be amazed at how accurately they describe your current life and what you are going through. Write on my Comment Form, as usual. I love to get your comments. They brighten my day!





4 thoughts on “Progressions—Want To Try On a NEW You?

  1. amianncatman90

    I think i know why i’ve been so emotional lately my progressed Moon is in 25 Cancer 27 at the moment Mercury has moved from 25 Leo 37 to 21 Virgo 15 .I know have Venus in 5 Leo 15 which is so different from my Natal Venus in 7 Cancer 41.Im also a nearly have Jupiter in Gemini at the moment in at 29 Cancer 58.

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