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Prosperina Asteroid—The Bridge Between the Dark and the Light?

In discussing Prosperina with a dear man who has her conjunct his Sun, I have come up with some thoughts. I think that Prosperina’s story is the ability to go from the natural world(light) to the underworld(dark). As such, she can be a bridge between both. Prosperina, also, has an innocence, as she was captured and brought to the underworld. She was not a natural citizen of the underworld. It was a forced imprisonment. This factor makes a big difference, in that she is like someone who visits a prison, but the prison is not her natural home. She may understand the workings of the prison, and it’s inhabitants, but is is not an integral part of the system, and all that implies. As such, she does not have the dark imaginings of underworld figures. She may bring the underworld and it’s dark musings to others, as all must understand it. However, she may bring it in the form of light, so as not to frighten more sensitive souls.


Prosperina lost her innocence and was taken in to the dark, by force. I think Prosperina represents a rite of passage. One must face one’s darkness and the darkness in life, as part of going from childhood to adulthood. However, Prosperina conjunct the Sun or Moon may represent a particularly difficult or life altering rite of passage. I think one can say that for a prominent Prosperina. I will keep track of the asteroid as I do charts and come back and add more, as I find more.

One thought on “Prosperina Asteroid—The Bridge Between the Dark and the Light?

  1. amiannM

    In my natal chart, I have my Sun and Moon (New Moon) conjunct Proserpina in Gemini (9th House).

    Sun conjunct Proserpina (3*)
    Moon conjunct Proserpina (3*)

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