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Prosperina Asteroid —The Unique Bridge Between the Dark and the Light

As I do charts, I see that some parts of life are very easy for some people and like shark infested waters for others. One person may be able to travel around the world, alone, but be terrified of pubic speaking. One person may be afraid to socialize but can play music in front of a crowd, write a novel or dance in the middle of the room, uninhibitedly. The combinations and permutations of the individual personality are amazing. There are some men who live in the head. They put emotions into words, so the emotions will be safe. For these airy types, the body may be cut off as a dead limb. It can lead to necrosis, the carrying of death. When one looks at charts, one must note the “elements”. The person high in the element air may live in his head with his body being an afterthought. It may not be so much an after thought, as a terrifying thought.What is this person to do? One may think of easy answers, but that is the domain of platitudes. In reality, what is one to do, if one is stuck in an element,? I think a person with a strongly placed Prosperina can help lead another from the air to the body. Prosperina lives in two worlds. God, always, uses one’s gifts to help others. It is a Divine Mandate, of sorts.

For the native with a strong Prosperina, he may have had a severe trauma, at the time of his rite of passage from teen to adult. If Prosperina conjuncts the Sun, his father may have left, emotionally pr physically. If Prosperina conjuncts the moon, it may have been his mother. There seems to be an abrupt betrayal of the youth and innocence of the Prosperina native as reflected by the actual myth and Prosperina’s abduction to the nether world.

7 thoughts on “Prosperina Asteroid —The Unique Bridge Between the Dark and the Light

  1. amiannJim

    Ami i was reading your article and tried to search for the asteroid i think you misspelt it, i believe it is Proserpina (26)

    Regardless very nice article ami 😀

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Did I spell it wrong? I think there are 2. One is Roman and one is greek. I thought I had one spelling right, but I may not have. Thanks for your sweet words, though!

  2. amiannJim

    Oh im not saying it’s wrong i’m saying i think it is cause i tried searching for it as Prosperina and couldnt find it on Astro, but i found one called Proserpina. im not really sure haha i was asking you 😛

  3. amiannMimi

    Proserpina in not conjunct any of my personal planets, but it’s in my first house in aries. When I read about proserpina I could kind of relate to it. Does it still count if an asteroid is in your first house but not touching the ascendant or planet?

    Thanks x

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, it may be conj another asteroid of which you are not aware. It may be trine some personal planets. I have a feeling it is one of these cases, Mimi dear.

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