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Question for Discussion–Does Moon Oppose Pluto “Cause” Bi-Polar Disorder(Manic Depression)

merry go roundI have had this discussion with several people who had Moon oppose Pluto and were diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I know that not all people with moon opposed to Pluto have this unfortunate malady. That goes without saying in discussions such as these. However, on the other hand, it is remiss not to look at possible “causative” factors in this(or any other psychiatric condition). We, as astrologers, are in a unique position to have our hand on the pulsing heart of life. We have a gift unequaled in all the sciences, both hard and soft, in my humble opinion. The chart is God’s map to each human being who is born on this earth. It is from that perspective that I continue this article.

The Moon is one’s deepest heart. It is the most sensitive part of the person. When people share intimacies, they share moons. Falling in love is child to child: or moon to moon. With this in mind, picture the powerful Pluto which can be represented by the oceans tides. They flow, unbridled. They may be violent. They may be gentle. One thing is for certain. They cannot be stopped. All of us are primal people, even the most refined and rarefied creature has a part of himself which can be reduced to primal passions. Think Shakespeare.

Hence, we can get a sense of how powerful Moon opposed Pluto may be. The opposition aspect is a literal see-saw. One goes to one end of the pole and back to the other, just as one goes up and down, on a see-saw. Hence, the native is pulled from side to side, by an inexorable force, it seems.

With this picture in mind, one can see how a disorder such as Bi-Polar Disorder may be a picture of Moon/Pluto.

Thoughts anyone?

20 thoughts on “Question for Discussion–Does Moon Oppose Pluto “Cause” Bi-Polar Disorder(Manic Depression)

  1. amianntombone

    I should share something with you. One of the symptons of bi-polar is mania or hypomania
    I was diagnosed with mild Auditory Processing Disorder. I can hear good but sometimes processing sounds
    is hell which produces racing thoughts and hypomania: they are even linked together in wikipedia.

    On another note I do feel the romeo and juliet storyline. Its like star crossed lovers that wants to do anything to do everything with eachother

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Thank you for sharing that, T. I am going to go back to your chart because I have some other ideas. I am going to link you the Moon/Pluto articles, too. I will probably make a whole new thread for your chart, so we can start clean with it.

          1. amianntombone

            Fun. I’ve red thesev articles last night. Revealing they are. Learning quite ba bit bout synastry. Yea there 2 pages of moon Pluto:-).

            I think our Sunss are trined. Opposite sign is Leo so ya. Can’t wait!

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Yes, I can feel a good synastry online, just the same as in real life. I can feel out more and more things the more charts I do. Each chart is such a journey and an adventure for me!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Ummm, maybe 3. I am not sure but enough that I thought it was a valid point to explore. I think everything can be shown in the chart whether that be a sociopath, Malignant Narcissism etc. God can overcome the charts but that is all, imo

          Now, for some of these conditions, there are strong aspects for it. In others, there are weaker ones.

      1. amiannFluffySoda

        Moon opposite Pluto orb -0°29′
        Pluto (12th house) / Moon (6th house)

        Yeah, she went to rehab after she finally exploded and punched a backup dancer in the face. She was trying to hide her issues from the public before that happen.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Aww, close orb. I don’t look at charts on here, usually, but I will take a look for you because my site is running slowly now and I don’t want you to have to deal with that.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            I will do a bit on your chart here until my Forum is working well. Then, come and put things up there.Does that sound good? Communication may be hard for you like it is hard for youto find the right words. Sometimes, you may be super sensitive to words of others and take things personally when they are not.

            Your main wound is not seen or known by you. It is kind of ambient. You can’t put your finger on it, too well. You had a hard childhood, prolly with abuse but you became a very strong person with a strong determination. You have a lot of passion, too

            You may go into a world of imagination, a lot. This is a place to which you retreat and you have a vivid imagination, as well.

            You have have a lot of ups and downs with romance but you love romance, fun and creativity.

            You are more of an introvert than an extrovert and one of your life goals and purposes is marriage.

          2. amiannFluffySoda

            Very accurate interpretation. You were right on everything you said! I’ve always felt I had a wound that I just can’t quite put my finger on. I’m mostly an introvert but can turn into an extrovert in a flash. That part of my personality changes like moods and comes like a flood (moon conjunct neptune conjunct uranus). I one moment I’d be acting uninhibited for fun (moon conjunct uranus opposite jupiter) and suddenly go completely silent for the rest of the day, just because a need for solitude (neptune) takes over.

            About communication. It’s mostly true. I do have problems finding the right words and stuff. I have an unaspected Mercury. My case is quite curious in the sense that if I don’t put effort in communication/mental abilities, I struggle tremendously with them, and if I put consisted effort I excel to the point of being able to communicate super complex and abstract ideas and the most awkward and difficult details to articulate with incredible ease.

            I could be an emotional mess or be in a fog of feelings and sensations or in a crisis and unable to articulate my feelings but that never interferes with my judgment and my ability to see things clearly. It does feel as if my mind (mercury) is a completely separate entity, unnitegrated with the rest of my personality (my chart).

            Ever since I started reading about astrological aspects I’ve always been very curious about unaspected planets. From my personal experience with my unaspected Mercury it seems to me that unaspected planets stand alone and if not worked on they sink like a ship in the ocean, and if we focus on them they can grow as tall as a skyscraper.

            What’s your take on unaspected planets, Amiann? And thanks for taking the time to interpret my chart! 😀

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            Aww, you touch on one of my fave subjects, FS. I have an Unaspected Venus. There was a real dearth of info on Unaspected planets so I made my own study by picking brains and doing charts. I have many articles on Unaspected Planets. Mercury is one of the rarer ones. You are so articulate in how you explain the Unaspected planets.
            They are buried treasure of immense magnitude but the native must learn to sing his own song with them. This means a great deal of finding one’s own personal expression of the planet. For you, it is the mind and communication. I discovered the Moon/Pluto thing and bi polar in the same way, doing charts.

            I am so glad you appreciate my work on your chart. You made my day, FS.

            You can use my search engine to read what I wrote about Unaspected planets. If you can’t what the articles, I will link them for you. They say the Unaspected mercury will have collections of pens, pencils, dictionaries etc. Do you?

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