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Question for Discussion–The IC

I am putting this question in this format, so I can send it to the various study groups to which I belong. I can feel out the Sign on the ASC. That is the face one wears in one’s every day interactions.Of course, it is not a mask, but rather a posture of oneself, an outer layer of oneself but a true layer, nonetheless.

The Sign on the MC is the face one shows to society.It is the part of ourselves which is front and center when we deal with career .It is the part of us that the general society sees. It could be our CEO face

The sign on the DSC is what attracts us. We may not be attracted to that particular sign, itself. However, we would be attracted to the qualities of that sign.

The sign on the IC puzzles me. Is it the tone of our childhood home? I was thinking this and this is why I wrote this. Is the sign on the IC the sing we were FORCED to mold ourselves to?

I am thinking that this makes sense. If one had Aqua on the IC, then one would have been forced to try to conform to Aqua. Conversely, when one grew up, one would manifest the opposite of Aqua, which is Leo.

I would like your input. Any thoughts are welcomed. I don’t need to stick with my theories. They are always up for revision!

7 thoughts on “Question for Discussion–The IC

  1. amiannDL

    i have to say it does fit…at least for me

    my home is a comfortable place but nothing ever changes in it
    also my parents are trying to make me a person obsessively interested in money and physical items which is to my opinion ……completly horrible……

    they put a lot of value into money and try to convince me that money and carrer is most important in life

    does it sound like taurus IC to you?

      1. amiannDL

        yes….actually i didnt have time for anything this week becuse i had exams to do but today is my day off so im sure il comment soon XD

        i see you started teaching by songs…..interested to see what song you will put to describe placements i have 😛

          1. amiannDL

            it is… mostly cause i work on on/off periods and when the “off” period comes i cant seem to have time for anything XD

  2. amiannfoglia

    great question amiann!
    i keep thinking that the sign on IC defines your attitude towards ‘family’ concept (not exactly towards your family). do u find it focal point of life (for cancer ic’s that’s what i think)? do u approach family issues in a cool- sort of detached- realistic way (capricorn ic)?
    i ve data only for 83 people & for 5 years (transits- progressions etc); this is the definition in my mind so far…

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